SWG Legends news // *Love It or Hate It Cast Off!*

Allayloo ta nuv Legends,
We're fast approaching the twilight of another Ewok Festival of Love, but we wanted to enjoy one more relaxing day together with a little bit of music, some dancing, and... FISHING!? That's right! Get your fishing rods and scrounge up your bait so you can join us for a grand assembly out on the waters of Endor where love and hate themselves will be staring each other in the face, but fear not celebrants. The assembly of Mister Hate's allies (and Mister Hate himself) have decided they can play "friendly" this year and assured that though they don't necessarily LOVE what's happening, they still wish to play a part in the festivities and so they shall.
You can expect to run into many of your favorite and familiar faces on the water with us this Sunday as Dr. Schill (Aka. Mr. Love), The Guardian Angel, Peaches, and more have decided to show up and celebrate one more day of love and friendship; or in Mister Hate's case, hate and grudges (boo!)
A distant image of the event venue

Event Type: Social
Event Date/Time: Sunday, March 14th - 11am PDT / 2pm EDT / 6pm GMT / 5am AEDT (March 15th for this timezone)
Event Location: /waypoint 1700 -3657 Endor (approximately 1500m West of the Research Outpost)
Event Objective: You will have one hour to catch the biggest and/or smallest fish you possibly can!
Fishing Rules:
  • All Fish must be caught on March 14th, 2021 between the active time of the event (1 hour total duration)
  • Any fish caught which are not within the active event duration will be disqualified from being a potential winner.
  • An anti-AFK zone will be placed within the vicinity of the live-event to prevent any lazy fishing from occurring!
  • Announcements will be made in-game when we officially START the event and when we END the event.

At the conclusion of the ONE HOUR time period, we will stop the fishing event and ask you all to join us as we begin the process of sifting through what you've caught! So make sure after everything is done, you go through your inventory and make sure your biggest and smallest fishes are easy to find and readily visible as we call out the sizes to beat.
For BIGGEST fish, we will start at a high number and work our way down as we try to narrow down who has the very biggest fish amongst large fish caught.
For SMALLEST fish, we will repeat this same process but start a low number and work our way up slowly and narrow down who has the very smallest fish.
Please be sure to pay attention to in-game announcements during this period.
We will search your inventories on the spot to confirm all sizes of fish before we announce biggest/smallest!

Biggest Fish - Collection item of your choice (No Trade Shared), 2x An Ewok Love Day Heart collection piece
Smallest Fish - A Rusty Hydrospanner - A random collection Item, 1x An Ewok Love Day Heart collection piece

Be sure and bring your fishing rod and plenty of bait for all of the fun! If anyone would like to bring extra fishing poles or bait to help us make sure everyone is able to enjoy the fun, we will be greatly appreciative and make certain to give you a special shout out after the event concludes in this forum thread! If you simply want to just come out to chat and socialize without the fishing, you're totally welcome!
May the force be with you,
The SWG:Legends Team