SWG Legends news // *Fishing Festival of FEAR*

Chief Kerritamba invites you to close out the 2022 Galactic Moon Festival by gathering for an evening of fishing in the Kkowir waters. Unbeknownst to the Chief, uninvited guests in the form of zombies have decided to join! Can you maintain your concentration as the walking dead plod through the river just meters from your spot? While you try to reel in your trophy fish, you may find that it is YOU who are catch of the day for the hungry zombies! If you steel your nerves and keep angling you could win prizes for the largest and smallest fish.
At the conclusion of the event, prizes will be available to those who have not joined the ranks of the walking dead!

Type: Social (Fishing) (Also: fear)
Date/Time: See below
Location: The Dead Forest (specific waypoint to be announced prior to start of event)
Objective: You will have one hour to catch the biggest and/or smallest fish you possibly can! (Also: survive)

Event Rules

  • All Fish must be caught between the active time of the event (1 hour total duration)
  • Any fish caught which are not within the active event duration will be disqualified from being a potential winner
  • An anti-AFK zone will be placed within the vicinity of the live-event to prevent any lazy fishing from occurring!
  • Announcements will be made in-game when we officially START the event and when we END the event.

At the conclusion of the ONE HOUR time period, we will stop the fishing event and ask you all to join us as we begin the process of sifting through what you've caught! So make sure after everything is done, you go through your inventory and make sure your biggest and smallest fishes are easy to find and readily visible as we call out the sizes to beat.
  • For BIGGEST fish, we will start at a high number and work our way down as we try to narrow down who has the very biggest fish amongst large fish caught.
  • For SMALLEST fish, we will repeat this same process but start a low number and work our way up slowly and narrow down who has the very smallest fish.

Please be sure to pay attention to in-game announcements during this period.
We will search your inventories on the spot to confirm the times and sizes of the fish before we announce biggest/smallest!


  • Biggest Fish: Collection item of your choice (No Trade Shared item that is able to be "radialed" and added into your collections sheet).
  • Smallest Fish: Han's Hydrospanner - A random collection Item.

Date and Time
If your time zone isn't covered above, you can use this handy time zone converter: https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html

Be sure and bring your fishing rod and plenty of bait for all of the fun! If anyone would like to bring extra Fishing Poles or bait to help us make sure everyone is able to enjoy the fun, we will be greatly appreciative and make certain to give you a special shout out after the event concludes in this forum thread!
May the Force be with you,
The SWG:Legends Team