SWG Legends news // *Return of the Secret Admirers!*

"Don't worry, I'm a Doctor!" - Dr. Schill (aka Mr. Love)
Allayloo ta nuv Legends!
Your favorite Love Doctor is back and this year he's prescribing lots of love to a galaxy at war! Here in the Omega galaxy, there's a bustling population full of heart-seekers and heart-breakers, but this is truly the time of LOVE! Dr. Schill (aka Mr. Love) has again reached out to his truest of champions when it comes to the Festival of Love - his secret admirers! Last festival, mysterious figures shrouded in secrecy graced the population with the gift of love (and CHOCOLATE!) to a few select individuals.
Well this year with the return of the Secret Admirers, they're looking for something else.. Something REALLY from the HEART! The Ewok Festival of Love is about not only love, but friendship, and acceptance. Do you have such a person in the galaxy that holds particular meaning to you? Perhaps YOU might be visited by a secret admirer this year and be bestowed with a special present full of the most LOVELY of seasonal gifts!

- Use this forum thread to TAG (@) that special somebody you consider close to your heart or that ride or die companion you call a friend!
- Remember to tag them and tell us how you met, how long you've known one another, and what makes them special to you!
- IF you can include a character name, perhaps they may even be visited in game by one of our Secret Admirers the next time they log in!
- If they reciprocate and tag you back, there could be a chance for another visit by a Secret Admirer!
- Visits by our Secret Admirers will be happening until March 13th, so you have until that time to give that special someone a shoutout!

We look forward to reading your posts (and remember to keep it friendly!). No Mister Hates allowed!
May the Love be with all of you,
The SWG:Legends Team

(Pictured Above: Mister Hate attempts to shatter the hearts of Life Day Celebrants!)