SWG Legends news // *Friday Feature - The Trivial Librarian*
"Theed is a beautiful city."
"If you like museums."
―Palpatine's opinion of Theed

Greetings Legends,
In our Friday Feature today, we're going to show (or remind some of you who might have forgotten) how to find the Librarian inside of Theed Palace on Naboo. This NPC when you speak with her, comes with a wide variety of trivia questions in relation to the Star Wars universe. Some of the questions may stand out to you, some might not. These questions cover various subjects such as Entertainment, Ships, Historical Events, and more. Answering questions incorrectly will allow you to repeat the trivia process over again, but the order of the questions will change. Let's dive into another feature and cover the basics of what we hope you'll know and remember to share with friends and fellow players by the end!
Locating Theed Palace:
Our first step is finding out exactly where we need to go to locate this Librarian. If you aren't already on Naboo, you'll want to head there first and travel to the city of Theed. Our Librarian works in the palace so let's head over to there. You can find the front entrance at -5495 4473.
(Theed Palace, Naboo)

Locating The Librarian:
Alright, so we've located the palace. In case the size of the exterior didn't give it away, it's a very large place and can we blame you if you took a wrong turn and got yourself lost? Of course not. The Library NPC works in a side room relatively far within the palace from the front entrance. In the screenshot below, you'll see a map of the inside layout of Theed Palace along with a marked location of the room you can find our quiz master.
(Directions to the Librarian from the palace entrance)

The Librarian's Trivia:
You've found the Librarian, now the fun can really start. Simply speak with the Librarian and you'll be prompted to begin your trivia session. The trivia session as mentioned earlier in this article will cover many different subjects involving the Star Wars universe. You will be presented with 20 of these different brain teasers. Reminder: If you fail a question and start over, the order of questions also changes, so if you're doing things by trial and error, it might take a little bit.
(The Librarian)

The Rewards:
Oh come on now.. Rewards? Really? What better gift could you receive for your efforts than the gift of knowledge? Not enough? Okay, well how about a badge? If you like badges, this is definitely one you don't want to forget to pick up on your journey through the galaxy. Answering the final question and concluding your dialogue with the Librarian will grant you the Trivial Librarian badge to your badge collection list to prove you're a lot smarter than you look.

(The Trivial Librarian badge)

As We Conclude:
The Librarian is a long standing character in the SWG universe that goes back to the old days of the live game. Many players have gone through as a side distraction to answer these questions and get their badge. Over time, people can forget and new players might flat out not even know of her existence. We hope that today's Friday Feature helps keep the Librarian very much an important stop along the new and returning badge seeker's journey in the galaxy.
May the force be with you,
The SWG:Legends Team.
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Feature Scramble!
This week, we've hidden a coded message in the feature. You can decode the message by finding all of the bold AND underlined singular letters in the article. Next, take the letters and arrange them to fit into the following blank spaces into a memorable phrase from the Star Wars saga.
We thought we would "help" a bit by providing you with the letter g to start you off. Good luck!
"In my experience there is no such thing as luck" - Obi-Wan "Ben" Kenobi (Congratulations to @ShadoVao )
The first person to correctly decipher and respond with the correct answer in this thread will receive 2 Tokens of Gratification.