SWG Legends news // Life Day 2021 Has Arrived! (Celebration Thread)

"A time of joy, this is. Of friendship. Of family."

Happy Life Day, Legends!
We're in the twilight of 2021 and as it comes to a close, we look back on a year full of many celebrations had, many moments and memories of togetherness during some of the good times, along with solidarity, and of perseverance during some of the harder times. We look forward to closing it out with a bang along with the opening of a new 2022 chapter that we'll again journey together as we celebrate our favorite wookiee tradition. Life Day has returned! Now more than previous years do the values of Life Day really resonate with us all during these strange times. Here on SWG:Legends, we really relish the Life Day spirit and we're ready to ride high this holiday season celebrating with all of you in making this Life Day a truly memorable event for all of Omega! CLICK HERE to read over the Development patch notes for our Life Day 2021 update.
If you haven't visited the Life Day grotto on Kashyyyk you can head straight to the entrance located at -756 19 263. Once there you’ll notice an extra gate has been added on the left side. You should click this gate and enter the celebration area! Once you have been through the gate continue up the hill. Please wear suitable footwear and wrap up warm!

(Entrance to the Kashyyyk Life Day Grotto)

You will be able to take part in the Life Day festivities STARTING Friday, December 10th, all the way up to the very END on Monday, January 10th (2022).
Below we're going to give you a bit of an overview of a few things you can expect in this year's edition of Life Day for new seasonal loot, new live events/contests, badges, and many of the returning traditions you can expect from previous years of this special festival. We've even got a few really memorable milestones we just happen to be celebrating here in December as well as Life Day activities.

Are you brand new to the concept of Life Day? Fear not:
We've been celebrating Life Day for a long time now here on Omega, and I'm sure many of us also carry memories of the many Life Days celebrated on the live version of Star Wars Galaxies. If you're brand new to the galaxy or perhaps you've been away for a long time and forgotten some of the traditions of the festival, you're strongly encouraged to click here to read our Friday Feature on Exploring The Tradition of Life Day. Here you can learn all of the basics of the festival and how you can partake in it along with a few of the previous years awards that are still available in the game for you to claim either by participating in Life Day or by acquisition from another veteran celebrant.

What goodies you can expect from Life Day 2021:

Login today and discover what's inside the wrapping paper! Exchange your tokens for Life Day 2021 goodies!

Our talented designers have put the seasonal spin on the new goodies this year. Along with the returning decorations from Life Day's past, you can expect to find many of the following in game to help your home adorned in the Life Day spirit:
  • New Portrait
  • New stuffed toys
  • New commemorative Life Day ornaments
  • New Life Day Live Event badge available exclusively during the Life Day season!
  • Updated badges
  • Updated collections
  • Updated titles

Life Day Contests:
What would Life Day be without a fun contest or two to take part in?! One of our biggest contests of the Life Day season (and maybe even the whole year!) is still on now, so don't forget to join us on our social media platforms to stay informed about what's going on in the galaxy!
Happy Life Day from the Galactic Homeshow! We're celebrating the tradition in our monthly contest that allows you to showcase your uniquely decorated homes again this year for LIFE DAY! Follow the link here to read over the rules and submit your home for entry!

The 12 Days of Life Day: The community favorite contest also retuns! Join us this Life Day to help us locate our missing wookiee elders and receive some very good rewards for your efforts to keep the festival going! Each day will yield special rewards for the lucky player who can find them, so make sure you read up on the details here!
Look out for us on Twitter, on Facebook, Reddit, and on Instagram! You never know when the next contest and giveaway will pop up so stay tuned!

Life Day Events:
We hope to continue to see so many of you turn up to support our Live Events that really make this galaxy so special! Join us for adventures this Life Day where you'll encounter familiar friends and foes from past Life Day activities and face off against a few new additions that look to thwart the Life Day celebrations. Encounter Saun Dann, locate our missing wookiees, join us for a grand social event, and more for Life Day 2021! Here are just a few of the coming events you can expect very soon to turn up!
Princess Leia will be paying visits periodically to the Life Day Grotto on Kashyyyk to spread joy and harmony to celebrants who are able to witness this time of peace. Visit the following link here to learn more.
The one and only Chriryme will be out for a limited time this Life Day to teach those who are interested about the meaning of the wookiee tradition. Stay tuned for more and embrace the spirit of the season. Announcement to follow when Chriryme graces the galaxy with his presence.
The Life Day Grotto is under siege once again by a treacherous group of Wampas released upon the planet by the Blackscales to spoil Life Day celebrations and create discord for all those inhabiting the grotto area. Crates of Life Day treats and goodies will need your protection from the onslaught of these fiends so they can be safely transported off-world to spread Life Day joy across the galaxy! Stay tuned for the details coming soon on this reoccurring event.

When does Life Day 2021 end?
Life Day 2021 will end on January 10th, 2022. This will be the last day you can log in to participate in Life Day.

10 Year Anniversary of SWG's Shutdown:
December 15th, 2021 will mark a full decade since the original MMORPG Star Wars Galaxies came to an end. We're paying homage to this somber moment by celebrating its life and impact even now since its closing. You can learn all the details here.
As an extra way of showing remembrance to the old SWG, Kiepaas (our Token of Gratification vendor located near the cantina in Vreni Island) will be forever offering a familiar painting that you can hoist proudly in your homes to celebrate this galaxy while still paying homage to the galaxies lost.
This painting will be a permanent addition and cost 5 Tokens of Gratification (and is tradable) for those looking to acquire one!

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story 5th Anniversary!:
That's right, we're not stopping at Life Day this month. Among many of the festival related goodies and celebrations going on, we're also celebrating another Star Wars milestone. Login throughout all of Life Day and claim your very own movie poster for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story to add to your collection as we celebrate 5 years since the release! (This poster will be a once PER CHARACTER claim item):

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story movie poster (pictured above)

Make sure and take screenshots of where you have yours hanging because on December 16th (the anniversary of the film), we'll commemorate the moment across our social media platforms with a small giveaway of SWG:Legends stickers! Stay tuned for the social media announcement for your chance to enter and win!

Remembering Carrie Fisher:
The world lost Carrie Fisher on December 27th, 2016. Although she's been gone now for five years, she's far from forgotten. We will be hosting a gathering at the Princess Leia and R2-D2 memorial at Dee'ja Peek where we'll reflect and remember how much of a long lasting impact she's made throughout her life and even still since she's passed on. You can learn about this special memorial in-game right here in this Friday Feature.
Stay turned for future announcements regarding the scheduled event happening on December 27th.

Celebrate the New Year with Double XP:
Login on Friday, December 31st and enjoy DOUBLE XP (it's just XP this time, not double "mostly" EVERYTHING) up to Monday, January 3rd and start 2022 off with a bang!

Happy Life Day to you all and thank you for the continued support. We wish everyone a very safe holiday season and hope to see you in game!
May the force be with you,
The SWG:Legends Team