SWG Legends news // *GMF Holiday Spooktacular!*

“In the spirit of the Galactic Moon Festival, Jabba the Hutt has demanded the galaxy’s finest entertainers to converge for the show of the season! Witness the biggest stars in the galaxy shine as we celebrate the spookiest time of the year! It’s no tricks, all treats here… this promises to be a party that might even raise the dead!”
Let's see off the Galactic Moon Festival with a bang! After the success of Together As One: A Galaxy United, Jabba the Hutt has called for a contest that will see galactic superstars from all over the galaxy put on the most frightfully fun show of the festival!
Dress Code: Come attired in your finest spooky couture. Shades of red, orange and black are the order of the day, and props in the same hues will add the final touch to your spookshow! Those in the crowd are invited to join in the fun and dress up to party in your festive finest!
Performance: Performances should be themed for the season. All things ghostly, spooky, and creepy. Bring out your most delightfully devilish side and show the fun of the season in song and dance!

  • Entrants are limited to those in the Entertainer class. While other classes can do the Basic dance, we are looking for this to be a contest centered on the creative expression of Entertainers.
  • Group size of eight maximum is allowed.
  • Each act can be a maximum of five minutes.
  • An act cannot consist of anything that would break SWG: Legends Code of Conduct.

Entry Form: (Please copy and paste into a reply!)
  • Discord Point of Contact: Please provide at least one, so we can keep you up to date on important contest information!
  • In Game Name(s) of entrants: (If a group, what is your group name?)
  • Theme:
  • What kind of act?: (Dance? Music? Combo of the two?)
  • Code of Conduct: By your entrance into the contest, you agree to abide by SWG: Legends Code of Conduct.

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