SWG Legends news // *Friday Feature - Flashpoints!*

Greetings Legends!
Today we're talking about a way to pvp that is unique to the Legends server: GCW Flashpoints! Be sure to buff up and call on your dire push masters, as we're going to talk about what they are, what they reward you with, and how you can take part!

What are Flashpoints?

A very valid question, as if this something only found on our server, you'd need to learn what it is!
GCW Flashpoints simply a pvp arena focused on point control and removing the enemies' presence from said point! Every hour on the hour a new Flashpoint starts, each one hosted at a different location in the galaxy! You may find yourself fighting in the streets of Nashal in Talus, and the next the Massassi temple on Yavin 4! Each Flashpoint lasts 45 minutes from the start, and the bounties of each are clearly marked by large posts with a red ribbon between each. There is a camp on each opposing side of the Flashpoint, one for the Rebellion, and the other the Empire. These camps have cloners and recruiters (in case you want to join a faction instead of represent one, as well buy some factional resources).

How do I take part?

As these are based all around the galaxy, you might think that you'll need to spend most of your time traveling to and from each, but GCW efforts have provided a quick transport service right to the front lines! Once you are ready to fight, all you need to do is enter /gcw into your chat, and you will be greeted by the following window:

For a nominal fee, you will be transported to the front lines!

After arriving, you will find yourself in your factional camp. Group up and get ready for a fight! The timer to join in Special Forces has been reduced in this area, so be sure to type /pvp only when you are ready! Once flagged, head into the boundaries of the flashpoint.

The markers of the border of the flashpoint

Inside you will find two major things: Capture points and members of the opposing faction, and it's a fight with both! Hold down the capture points to secure victory for your faction, and earn take-downs on enemy faction members to earn tokens (which we will come back to!) and GCW points, and most importantly, victory for your faction!

An example of a Rebellion controlled point

Once 45 minutes has passed, the flashpoint ends. Scores are tallied based on performances of each faction, and a winner is declared! From here you have 15 minutes to regroup, rebuff, and get ready to fight at a new location!

What do I get?

Though the wonderful feeling of stomping out the Rebel scum/Imperial dogs (you pick!) is a reward all it's own, you are also given flashpoint tokens as a reward for participating! These tokens can be claimed within the city of Aurellia at the appropriate faction vendor.


Each vendor has faction specific gear, as well as a number of weapons, buff items, and house deco! Be sure to check out your vendor for a full list of everything available!

Factional armor and a few weapons!

We hope this feature really rallies the forces to get out there and fight! Be sure to check the discord for groups looking to fight, or other tips and tricks on how to effectively fight in a flashpoint! If you're looking for a bit more hard and fast information on flashpoints, check out our wiki entry on them!
May the Force be with you,
SWG:L Staff

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