SWG Legends news // 10 Years Later: An SWG GIVEAWAY!

Greetings Legends,
We're glad to be here with you during one of the more memorable milestones in Star Wars Galaxies history with it being the 10 year anniversary since shutdown back in 2011. There's no words to really express how much SWG has influenced a lot of us and helped us grow during the time it was still live. It may be gone now, but we're honored to keep the spirit of SWG alive with our iteration of galaxies here at SWG:Legends!
(Pictured Above: 10 Years Later: An SWG Giveaway social media post)

Although it's a somewhat somber milestone, we still hope that it's one that helps you reflect happily on some of the joyous times and moments you had playing the original game. In the spirit of the Life Day season, we're opening up our goody bags again this year to offer the chance at a really nice giveaway that you can take part in on any of our major social media platforms (FACEBOOK, TWITTER, and INSTAGRAM) with a chance to have your own little piece of Star Wars Galaxies in the form of some original SWG LANYARDS. We have THREE SWG LANYARDS available to give!

(Pictured Above: A Star Wars Galaxies lanyard)


We'll be sharing the giveaway post across EACH of our main platforms. So you will see that post and image come up on FACEBOOK, TWITTER, and INSTAGRAM. That's THREE opportunities to get yourself into entered into the contest for a chance at receiving one of the SWG Lanyards! Just please make sure you pay attention to the posts where they'll each tell you how to enter on a given platform,
Don't worry though, we can break it down here for you right now too!
  • Like & Share
  • Comment on the giveaway post on our Facebook page with the hashtags #StarWarsGalaxies #SWG
  • That's it! You're entered!
  • You can click the following link to be redirected to the FACEBOOK post to enter in now: https://www.facebook.com/SWGLegendsStaff/

  • FOLLOW us on Twitter!
  • LIKE & RETWEET the giveaway post and REPLY to the tweet on our Twitter page with the hashtags #StarWarsGalaxies #SWG
  • That's it! You're entered!
  • You can click the following link to be redirected to the TWITTER post to enter in now: https://twitter.com/SWGLegendsStaff/...866315270?s=20

  • LIKE the giveaway post and TAG A FRIEND (@) with the hashtags #StarWarsGalaxies #SWG
  • That's it! You're entered!
  • You can click the following link to be redirected to the INSTAGRAM post to enter in now: https://www.instagram.com/p/CXhg8V5N..._web_copy_link

But wait.. THERE'S MORE!?

Yes! That's not all! We've loved reading your memories and stories from the last days of SWG so much that we wanted to give a little something to one of our forum users who reply (or have replied) to our 10 Years Later: A Galaxy Remembered thread, located here.
If you haven't already, you can share your stories and memories of the end of Star Wars Galaxies for a chance to get your very own copy of PRIMA'S OFFICIAL STRATEGY GUIDE for Star Wars Galaxies: An Empire Divided! While you may not need to learn to play the game, you can still read it over for a fun trip back to the early 2000's and have your own personal book full of classic SWG.

(Pictured Above: A Star Wars Galaxies: An Empire Divided strategy guide by Prima.


Entries for the SWG Lanyards and Forum names for strategy guide will be entered into two random drawings where we hope to have lucky recipients determined by SUNDAY, December 19th (no later than MONDAY, December 20th).
Prize winners will be given 2 weeks to reach out and give us the necessary information to get your items to you.
Should we not hear back after that time period, your entry will be rendered void and a new drawing will commence.

Disclaimer: Due to the holiday season, we cannot guarantee shipping times, but we will do our best to get prizes to you in a timely fashion!

We can't wait to share these small tokens of Star Wars Galaxies! Even after a full decade, SWG has such a special place in so many hearts and minds.
May the Force be with you,
The SWG:Legends Team