SWG Legends news // Launcher 2.31 Update - August 2019

Our launcher has been updated as of this posting. Please close your launcher and re-launch it to receive the update. Big thanks to @Kayaba and @Elour for their hard work on keeping the launcher up-to-date!
This update addresses the following:
  • The launcher will now open with an error message if SWGLegends.com is unreachable, instead of not opening at all.
  • Patch Server error messages have been added. You will be alerted if it is inaccessible with more information if available.
  • If ReShade is detected, an "Uninstall ReShade" button is now available next to the "Download ReShade" button in Settings.
  • Removal of "launchersettings.ini" no longer leaves the launcher in an inoperable state.
  • Social media icon/links to SWGLegends sites have been added.
  • Version number now displays on the Login screen, in addition to the current display after logging in.

If you have issues updating please re-install via https://swglegends.com/SWGLegendsLauncher.zip
May the Force be with you,
-The SWG:Legends Team