SWG Legends news // *Wampa Rampage - Life Day 2022*

"Hey! Steady, girl. Hey, what's the matter? You smell something?"
―Luke Skywalker calms his nervous tauntaun before a wampa attack

Happy Life Day Legends!
The Life Day Grotto is still in full swing, and Saun Dann has been tasked with shipping some goodies off world to the good like boys and girls of the galaxy. Unfortunately the sweet smells of the treats within have attracted some very miserly beasts who want to smash all the good tidings and eat all the treats for themselves! So long as these Wampas rampage through the grotto, Life Day itself is at risk! Grab your armaments, buff up, and drink a nice glass of hoth chocolate before joining us for the annual Wampa Rampage!

What: PvE Event
Where: Life Day Grotto, Kashyyyk, near Saun Dann

There will be crates of valuable supplies located within the area (don't worry, we will have area messages letting you know where these supplies are at too so you know where to go throughout the event). Players must be prepared to defend these locations from threats the entirety of the event. Should any supplies be left undefended for too long, they will be taken by the enemy and lost forever. Don't allow all of the supplies to be left undefended!

May the spirit of Life Day be with you,
The SWG:Legends Team

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