SWG Legends news // Legends Galactic Space Homeshow Submissions: June 2021

Greetings Legends!
Welcome to the SWG:Legends Galactic Space Homeshow contest! This month we want to allow our pilots to display their decorated POB’s and Gunboats. Use this thread to enter your uniquely decorated starship into our June exclusive space themed Homeshow contest! All starships will be judged on creativity, uniqueness, individuality, and overall concept. It is a great way to show off your dedication and love for Jump To Lightspeed!

Here are a few guidelines to keep in mind before entering.
  • You are only able to enter one ship.
  • You can enter a ship multiple times (If you do not win that month if/when we repeat the Starship themed Homeshow Contest)
  • Decorated starships are ONLY eligible to win this month.
  • Judging will require the player entering to be online.

If you want to compete for the amazing prizes, simply reply to this thread with your in-game pilot's name, the type of ship you're entering, and clearly state "I've read and understand that I must be able to meet with Event Staff within one of the listed times or risk my entry being void".
After the submissions deadline has passed, the panel of judges will begin the Homeshow tour. Due to the logistics of having to meet up with you individually to tour your ships, we will extend the judging window for any entries still waiting on us and do our very very best to be accommodating to your time.
All winning starships will receive a special Homeshow Trophy to display decoratively on your ship or your house on the ground. Homeshow winners also receive an in-game badge, and a special icon displayed above your name right here on the forums!
(The Galactic Homeshow Badge)

(a Homeshow winner's forum icon)

(A Homeshow Trophy awarded to our winning entry)

But wait, there's MORE! We have added “A Welcoming House Sign” as a monthly prize for our winner, and there is only one way to get it: Winning the Galactic Homeshow competition.
(A Galactic Homeshow Winner's Welcome Sign)

We will accept entries until Thursday, June 24th 2021 at 9pm UTC (10PM GMT+1, 5PM ET, 2PM PT).
We will meet your in-game pilots in the Coronet Starport to commence judging at the following time windows:
Time Window 1: (Saturday) June 26th, 4am UTC - 6am UTC (some conversions provided below for this time)
  • United States - June 25th at 9pm PDT - 12am PDT / 12am EDT - 3am EDT
  • United Kingdom - June 26th at 5am BST - 7am BST
  • Australia - June 26th at 2pm AEST - 4pm AEST

Time Window 2: (Saturday) June 26th, 5pm UTC - 7pm UTC (some conversions provided below for this time)
  • United States - June 26th at 10am PDT - 12pm PDT / 1pm EDT - 3pm EDT
  • United Kingdom - June 26th at 6pm BST - 8pm BST
  • Australia - June 27th at 3am AEST - 5am AEST

Time Window 3: (Sunday) June 27th, 2am UTC - 4am UTC (some conversions provided below for this time)
  • United States - June 26th at 7pm PDT - 9pm PDT / 10pm EDT - 12am EDT
  • United Kingdom - June 27th at 5am BST - 7am BST
  • Australia - June 27th at 12pm AEST - 2pm AEST

Please contact a member of the Events Staff during one of those time windows or reach out if you have any questions regarding this month's homeshow.
Events Staff:
  • On discord: WALMAHRT#5809 , Muhen#1034 , Kubre#7343
  • On the forums: @Laviz (Walmahrt) , @Muhen , @Kubre
  • In game: Event-Walmahrt , Event-Muhen , Event-Kubre

[disclaimer]: Unfortunately, the time schedules will not be ideal for some people. With so many members in our community, there is no time that will accommodate everybody. We will do our best to be flexible with your time during the judging period, but we would recommend if you're 100% positive the times above wont work for your IRL schedule, you withhold entering into this month's Homeshow.

The Galactic Space Homeshow Winner will be announced at some point on Sunday, June 27th.
Get those ships decorated and submitted! We can't wait to see them!
May the Force be with you,
The SWG:Legends Team