SWG Legends news // Account Security

Over the past couple of months, the CSR team has recognized some irregularities with account logins. The data that we are seeing gives the appearance that someone is trying to access a large amount of player accounts. The majority of these login attempts are unsuccessful, and as a whole the Community At Large will not have any issues resulting from this.
Even still, the SWG:Legends staff strongly urges everyone to change your password. We recommend (at a minimum) at least 12 characters, and it should contain at least one capital, one lowercase, one special character, and one number. We would also stay away from using common words, phrases, etc... We also offer Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) through the forums, but please be aware that if you sign up for 2FA the SWG:Legends staff may lose the ability to recover your account.
We also suggest that if you play on any other SWG Emulator Servers, you change the passwords on their systems and not use the same login information across multiple servers.
You can review our Account Policies HERE.
May the force be with you,