SWG Legends news // 10 Years Later: A Galaxy Remembered

Greetings Legends!
The snow is starting to fall across our galaxy as the wookiee tradition of Life Day approaches. As much as family, joy, and harmony are a part of Life Day, we think if you step back and look at Star Wars Galaxies as a whole, you might find those same values ingrained in the overall culture of SWG as it is today thanks to most of what we were able to experience way back when. It’s easy to forget just how far along we’ve come from where we first started our adventures. For Star Wars Galaxies though, perhaps it’s just how far we’ve come since that adventure came to an end.
Ten years ago, the journey concluded on December 15th, 2011 as Star Wars Galaxies closed its servers down for the very last time. Many of the experiences (good and bad), the friends we made, the collections, accolades, and the adventures - it was all over.
We can all acknowledge how glad we are to have something that feels like home and new opportunities to connect with friends old and new. Some of you playing today may have never known of anything before SWG:Legends and that’s okay! We’re truly humbled that you can call our galaxy home and hope that whether you’re a new player or a returning veteran, that we all don’t forget that we’re merely carrying on the incredible work and hopefully honoring those that were responsible for building this extraordinary world we play in.
We’re not here today to talk about the renewed life of SWG, though. We’re here to remember its end. We’re here to remember what many of us lost. We’re here to remember the long life it lived and all the good it brought to so many Star Wars fans from its start, all the way up to the bitter end.
Feelings about SWG face a wide range of emotions, even today. PreCU? CU? NGE? The different eras of SWG have their fair share of critics for good and bad, but even despite the many game play changes, even the biggest naysayers of any era can admit there were still times SWG put a smile on their face. Where it always came down to just having fun and feeling like you were living your own story in the universe of Star Wars.

This year, we’re paying homage to Star Wars Galaxies in a special way. Here on Legends, we’re commemorating the 10 year anniversary of SWG’s shutdown back in 2011 with our Life Day update coming Friday, December 10th.
Community members will be able to log in between Friday, December 10th through Wednesday, December 15th to take part in a small celebration in honor of it being a decade since SWG originally closed. We’re happy to finally bring you this thread to detail the celebrations below to get you ready for the action!
Before you read on, we do want to share that there will NOT be any new or exclusive badges or items that you can only get from this celebration. The festivities that are happening are purely for social purposes and give you a means of reliving "some" of how it was like in the very last days of the original Star Wars Galaxies a long time ago. For all of those who weren't there at the very end, this might be another chance to be there and pay respects to a great game.
Jabba the Hutt has ordered his crew to set up tents and provide a “fun” party atmosphere around the Pit of Carkoon ( located at /way -6176 -3372 ) on Tatooine!

The mighty Jabba’s majordomo, Bib Fortuna has also been given the task of issuing “party favors” to any celebrants who dare brave a chat with him. The results of that discussion no matter how small, big, or even shape should be quite interesting..

Jabba’s creature tamer, Malikili, has assured festival goers not to worry about the Sarlacc while the festivities are active. Don’t ask what (or whom) they fed to the creature lately, but it does seem to be docile towards anyone who accidentally gets too close.

The legendary Bounty Hunter Boba Fett will be in attendance at this celebration keeping watch periodically. It’s understood that as long as you don’t agitate the Bounty Hunter, you have no cause for concern. Anyone who does dare try to mess with Boba Fett during these celebrations better not miss or else YOU might be the next meal for the Sarlacc.

As a farewell to the celebration and a show of respect to the old Star Wars Galaxies, we have a scheduled server restart happening on Wednesday, December 15th at 9:01pm PST to officially mark the 10 year anniversary of the original SWG’s shutdown a decade ago.
There will be a social gathering at the Pit of Carkoon in the hour leading up to the planned server restart where we can all acknowledge and commemorate this incredible anniversary together! Stay tuned for announcements in game and on Discord!

Pictured Above: Converted times for the scheduled server restart. You may also use this time zone conversion tool if your time is not converted above.

After the planned server restart on Wednesday, December 15th at 9:01pm PST, the Pit of Carkoon (and the sarlacc) will revert to normal (all the decorations will be packed up) and you can focus your attention back to Life Day!
We’re glad that we could have the opportunity to be here with you all to mark this milestone in SWG history. Although somewhat melancholy at times thinking about the old SWG, it’s still exciting to see where the roads continue to take us with the game today.
Cloud City was only the beginning! The team here at SWG:Legends continues to bring you all the best SWG experience we can and the journey ahead remains promising, full of all new wondrous adventures for us to go on together.
Where were you when SWG shutdown? Do you have any stories or memories of the time? We encourage everyone to share their memories or experiences in this thread of the day it was announced it would be coming to end, all the way up to the final server shutdown. We can't wait to hear some of your experiences.
May the Force be with you,
The SWG:Legends Team