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Attention Legends!
In the deep depths of space you need to use every tool in your arsenal to make sure that you are able to survive the unknown. Each part of your ship offers something, from the protection from your shield, to the power of your weapon, each aspect offers another aspect to your survival.
There is, however, an aspect of a spacer's kit that can only be implemented fully once you are among the stars: Player Skills
These are unique skills earned though leveling your spacer skills, and you earn different ones depending on which faction you choose to fly with.

Player Skills:

Each pilot is rewarded with skills they are able to implement without any needed equipment. The more seasoned a pilot, the more skills they have available, as well as more powerful versions of each of them. Each faction (Imperial, Neutral, and Rebel) offer up different player skills, as each of these factions holds different aspects important to them while fighting, such as the Rebel's focus on the safety of their ships due to their lower numbers, or Freelance pilots being willing to fight a little dirty. We will be discussing each faction separately.
  • Bomber Strike (1/2/3): You send out a request to imperial command for reinforcements. The more trained and renowned you are as a pilot, the more and better ships you can call in, as you unlock the higher tiers of abilities through leveling.
  • Pump Reactor: You override your reactor, pushing the limit of your reactor's load as well as increasing the output of your engines.
  • Emergency Weapons: Calling on the might of the Empire, you divert power from your shields to overcharge your capacitor, allowing for more resources to finish out a fight.
  • Nebula Blast: If you are within a nebula, you are able to trigger an explosion within it, causing a massive amount of damage all around you, as well as to yourself.

Imperial reinforcements!

  • Energy Pulse (1/2/3): Through rewiring some of your ships systems, you are able to engage a large AoE blast around your ship, hitting all targets (including friendlies!) around you. This will however cost you weapon capacitor power, and if you use the higher levels of ability, shield power, however these higher level abilities cause more damage.
  • Pirate Trap (1/2): The enemy of my enemy is my friend! Sending out an SOS as if you were a stranded freighter is quick to bring in some bloodthirsty pirates to introduce some chaos in the fight! The higher level ability can call in even harder hitting enemies!
  • IFF Transponder Scramble: Quickly send out a pulse to confuse your enemies (NPC), showing yourself as friendly instead of hostile.
  • Emergency Thrust: Sometimes, you just have to run, and for that you have this ability. By diverting power from your shields and weapons, you are able to greatly increase your speed.

The Rebellion here to repair and restock

  • Jump Start (1/2/3): You are able to divert some of your own ship's power into a targeted ships shields. You dump your capacitor charge into their shields power, and at higher levels, you can divert your own shield power into theirs as well.
  • IFF Transponder Scramble: Quickly send out a pulse to confuse your enemies (NPC), showing yourself as friendly instead of hostile.
  • Emergency Shields: Disabling your weapon systems, you divert all offensive power into your shield's regeneration.
  • Emergency Repair (Others): By using some of your more stable ship components, you move parts over to the more damaged ones, balancing out damage. (You offer your ship components stability to repair the target's components)
  • Repair/Replenishment/Repair and Replenishment: You call in support from rebellion leadership, offering repairs to your ship, reloads to your ordnance, or a freighter that is able to offer both services.

These abilities might be the edge you need to survive your next encounter with a Hutt pirate ambush, but even without that stress, we hope this overview helped to make you aware and more keep to use these abilities available to you, or to be available to you as you progress your piloting skills!
If you're just getting started on space, check out this FRIDAY FEATURE on getting started, and reach out to our #pilots-club on discord, as they're more than willing to help with any questions you might have!

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May the Force be with You, and don't get cocky kid!
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