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Alayloo Ta Nuv Legends,
All across the galaxy, Ewok influence of love and friendship is going around like the sweetest fever! Cities are a flutter with this special thing known as the Festival of Love. One of Kyoopid’s most loyal disciples has decided that it’s time to spread the joy and give you the opportunity to follow your hearts!
Throughout the Ewok Festival of Love, this Disciple of Kyoopid will show up within a random NPC city in the galaxy and disperse 10 lonely hearts across that city for all of you heartseekers out there to locate! Only 1 heart will be visible at a time and the first player to locate it will receive a small gift on behalf of Kyoopid themself. Once all 10 are located, you will all be asked to gather in order to see the Disciple off until the next time, but from what we understand, they will make sure everyone receives a small token of their gratitude before they depart.
Game Overview:
  • A galaxy broadcast will be issued 20 minutes before the game begins.
  • 10 hearts will be randomly scattered across a NPC city with only 1 visible at a time.
  • First visible player seen to reach each heart will be issued a reward and the heart will vanish.
  • Upon the heart vanishing, a broadcast will be sent to indicate it was found and that the next heart is waiting to be located.
  • Once all 10 hearts are located, players will be asked to meet at a specific location to congratulate our lucky heart-seekers and conclude the game for that day.
  • You are encouraged to stick around until the very end!

Event Type: Social
Event Location: Any random NPC city on Corellia, Naboo, or Talus
Event Time: [This is a randomly occurring event that could pop off at any given moment]
Event Date: This event will happen periodically all throughout the Ewok Festival of Love.
Coatee-cha tu yub nub,
The SWG:Legends Team