SWG Legends news // *Remembering Dreh Tarin*

Greetings Legends,
We're saddened to share that a member of our community has passed away in real life very recently. The team here at SWG:Legends sends our sincerest condolences to the friends and family of Dreh Tarin ( @Lithoid ). It's always a somber time when we have to share news like this, but we hope we can all take a moment out of our day to think about Dreh and those close to him and celebrate his life by sharing stories, memories, and being a pillar his friends here within the SWG:Legends community can lean on during this difficult time.

The following was provided by fellow community member and roleplayer Lazana (who is also @ddraigswife here on the forums):
"The player known to many in Legends as Dreh Tarin (Drehpehs Luap before that) passed away after an extended illness on May 28th 2023.
An avid Star Wars fan, he played on Live (Starsider) with various guilds. After shutdown, he went to Star Wars Knights of the Old Replublic, and then came to Legends. He did not come alone, though, soon bringing his wife (Kandria) and his two children along and teaching them the ins and outs of a sandbox MMORPG and getting them involved in the roleplaying community. It brought smiles to many seeing the next generation enjoy the game.
He often could be found in Mos Vanta, Tatooine with Dreh patroling the streets in his Mandalorian armor or inside of Heartsongs and Firefights Bar surrounded by fellow roleplayers. If not there, he was involved with Splinter Cell Omega and a group of hidden Force Users on his alts.
He was known for having a short fuse when it came to toxic or OP behavior and for how deeply he loved and supported many in the SWG Legends community.
He will be deeply missed."

For information about donations for his family please see MidnightToMorning#0386 (Lazana/Ardiona') or Zala'#6484 (Kandria'/Tassie) about those details.
Again, we encourage you to please use this forum thread to share your condolences or any memories/stories/ about Dreh or even screenshots of any of his characters you might happen to have.
May the Force be with you always Dreh,
The SWG:Legends Team