SWG Legends news // *Friday Feature - Into the Hunting Grounds of Kashyyyk*

Greetings Legends,
Today we are going to explore the Hunting Grounds of Kashyyyk for this weeks Friday Feature and how you can obtain yourself the Chiss Poacher Backpack, Kkorrwrot Trophy & The Kkorrwort Badge.
What are you waiting for!? It's time to adventure to Kashyyyk!

Access to the Hunting Grounds

To start things off, we recommend having access to the hunting grounds before starting this mission. You can find more information on how to do this by exploring the SWG:Legends Wiki where you can find the article on Hunting Grounds Access right here.

(The Rodian Hunters Camp POI)

Meet the Johnsons

To start this specific mission head to Mada Johnson in Kachirho, she is on the third level of the Great Tree at /Waypoint -478 -92. Mada wants you to help find her brother and she'll have you speak with a Wookiee. He is in the cantina of the Great Tree on the 2nd level. He'll want to know what Mada looks like. Tell him what you saw, if your forgot just /target Mada and examine her. She should have light hair, blue eyes and a red tattoo!

(Left) Johnson Smith and Mada Johnson (Right)

After that the Wookiee will tell you of someone who may know where Brody Johnson is. He sends you to Chrilooc in Kachirho at /Waypoint -700 11. Speak with him and he'll have you fly a space mission (don't worry, It's not that hard but It does help to bring a Master Pilot friend along with you) After that he'll send you to the Etyyy, Hunting Grounds to talk to an NPC who may know where Brody is.

(Pictured Above) Chrilooc.

Journey through the Hunting Grounds

The NPC will send you to Johnson Smith at /Waypoint -393 867 in the Arcona Compound. He'll give you the quest to look for Brody. This quest leads to the Bantha mount, which leads to Hracca Glade where you will inevitably reach for the Chiss Backpack, Kkorrwrot Trophy and the "... has hunted and killed a Kkorrowrot in the Hracca Glade of Kashyyyk" Badge.

(Pictured Above) The Arcona Compound.

After talking with Johnson you'll need to speak with Ryoo Finn next he's in the Arcona Compund as well, at /Waypoint -614 851. Go back to Johnson and tell him about Ryoo and he will ask you to help him. Arcona get high off of salt so he's going to have you find Ryoo's stash of salt he lost, head to /Waypoint -967 893 to find Ryoo's Bag. Use the radial menu and select use to pick it up. Now just head back to Johnson Smith with the bag of salt. If you go back to Ryoo Finn he just keeps asking for his salt, you'll never give it to him even if you try.

Back to Space

Once back to Johnson Smith he'll tell you to talk to a Chiss that is right next to him in another tent at /Waypoint -383 853. Her name is Kara Corlon. She'll ask you to help her deliver some items in space. Head up to space and you'll make a total of three deliveries, only one launch and each delivery happens in a new sector.

(Pictured Above) Kara Corlon.

Play it smart! The ships that come after you are Tier 4 and they'll keep coming at you. One method is shunting shields until about 2k away from the rendezvous point then hit IFF scramble and use boosters. That's just one method to lose them for good and safely /dock and transfer the goods. (Perhaps some replies to this thread can shed some other usable strategies!)

Poaching the Poachers

Once back talk to Kara Corlon again, she'll send you back to Johnson Smith. Johnson smith tells you about the Kkorrwrot and sends you to his contact at the Hracca Glade Gate Camp. Kint Zsam is the guy he sends you to and is at /Waypoint -99 -249.
Talk to him and he'll ask you who sent you, tell him Johnson Smith.
Kint will then ask from where. Tell him no lies; you spoke with Johnson at the Arcona Compund.
He'll then ask about the Chiss poacher, Lara Corlon. Tell him about the deliveries and that her name isn't Lara Corlon it's Kara Corlon.
He'll gain your trust and tell you about the Hracca Glade!

(Pictured Above) Kint Zsam protecting the gate to Hracca Glade.

The Hracca Glade

There are a lot of creatures in Hracca Glade you'll have to face other then the Chiss so, a high level group is recommended for this.
You'll have 30min to do this quest and must kill all of the Chiss poachers before the Kkorrwrot will show itself. After killing all of the Chiss and the Kkorrwrot, exit the Hracca Glade and talk to Kint Zsam again to get your rewards.
You get the badge right when you kill the Kkorrwrot, you get the backpack and the trophy after you talk to Kint Zsam. If you fail don't worry, talk to Kint Zsam to get another pass. Talk to him again to re-enter!

(Pictured Above) A Kkorrwrot.

That's it adventurer! Or should we say "esteemed hunter"? This concludes our Friday Feature this week on acquisition of these Hunting Grounds rewards.

(Pictured Above) The Chiss Poacher's Backpack.

You can also head over to this article covering the Ettyy Hunting Grounds on the SWG:Legends Wiki to get more information there.
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May the Force be with you,
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