SWG Legends news // SWG Legends Staff Spotlight: Oroti

Staff Handle Name?
Discord: Oroti#7083
What is your position on the Legends Staff?
What do you do for the project SWG Legends?
I am a Community Support Representative (CSR) for the project. I mainly work on player tickets, in game issues, answering questions and addressing player concerns. CSRs act as a face to the community to help resolve problems, and I try to fill that role the best that I can. I spend a large amount of time doing log work tracking down items or investigating various issues that arise through player tickets.
I assist the team in any way that I can, whether that includes helping other CSRs on tickets or projects, event moderation, or being a target for certain developers to throw things at on the test center.
How did you come to possess these skills, education or self taught?
I have gained a large amount of customer support experience through my real job, dealing with all aspects of the community. I worked in the end of life field for several years, which really taught me how to interact with people regardless of emotional state to help find solutions to problems.
Describe your typical day supporting Legends.
I do not think there is ever really a “typical day” to supporting Legends. Usually, I will check in with the team at the start of the day and catch up on any missed messages. After that I usually check the account activations and tickets and update what I can. When I have my little green light on, I keep an eye on the #csr-helpdesk channel in the discord and try to answer any questions or DMs that I get. I usually check the tickets and activations several times throughout the day, and deal with any issues that arise in game.
What do you think your greatest contribution has been to Legends?
That is a challenging question to answer… One thing that I am very big on is working on verifying multiple accounts. That has become my pet project, and I tend to spend a lot of time going through those, which I would like to think takes some of the strain off of the rest of the CSR team.
Aside from that, I try to help show newer CSRs some tricks of the trade that I have learned working with this wonderful team.
What would the other staff at Legends say to this; “Describe Oroti.”
Oh dear… well, depending on who you ask… you could get some interesting answers lol.
I would hope they would say good things. I am sure some of them would say I am helpful and hard-working; others might make a joke about gutter wine. Some would say I am very passionate about the project; some would say I have a rude sense of humor. It could go in several different directions.
What they actually said:
"He's a hard working CSR and he goes out of his way to make sure every member of the CSR team are welcomed and supported." - RoarAsh
"If I had to describe Oroti, I'd say one of the best people to ask for help. I've never met someone more willing to give up his time to answer a question than him. On top of that, one of the best people to actually sit and talk with. Great sense of humor, and a connoisseur of the best gutter wine around." - Keerf
"Oroti is our staff goofball. He brings lots of laughs and pranks to the team. If you need help with anything at all, he is there for you within moments. His knowledge and skills as a CSR are top notch. Its amazing to work alongside someone who can keep you laughing yet still dig in and get the work done. Cheers to Oroti with cheap wine and chocolates!!" - Alanah
"Scruffy little [redacted]... lmao" - Madmick
"Oroti is the type of guy who loves to have a laugh and carry on, often playing jokes on us, but what is testament to his character he can also take the jokes and they are often returned with interest. As for me personally he has shown time and patience, whilst I have been getting to grips with the CSR role, he has a vast knowledge of the game, and its mechanics, plus his work hard play hard approach makes him a great guy to have in any team..." - Madmick
"Oroti is a dedicated CSR who really wants the best for our community. He's a sweet Canadian that I've enjoyed getting to know. He always makes me laugh and I'm looking forward to working with him more. !oroti" - Reign
"Oroti is a dedicated staff member to the project. I enjoy working with him." - Alky
"A cracked egg, but a good one. Always willing to lend a hand, and friend at that" - Kubre
"I feel that Oroti is trustworthy, approachable and has a good sense of humor. I enjoy the current CSR team, but if I ever have an issue; I would highly consider going to him." - Anton
"Oroti is someone that is easy to get along with. He's friendly, funny, and really dedicated to what he does for the server." - Muhen
"Oroti is very helpful and always has time to explain anything you ask of him. He is also very funny and makes me laugh a lot. He has the knack of being funny whilst being a true professional at the same time. Always lifting people's spirits unless you are Sarlacced by him haha." - Oceihi
"Oroti does a great job as a CSR. He pays attention to detail, is always willing to volunteer for a task, and is almost always available to help a player out in need." - Lokee

What has been the most difficult thing you’ve done supporting Legends?
I think for me the most difficult thing I have had to do, is to realize that you can’t always be the “good guy”. You have to make decisions at times that some players won’t like, and that can certainly put you in a bad light in their books. CSRs help enforce the rules to make our community a safe and happy place, and on occasion we do have to enforce those rules, but they aren’t always in black and white situations. Grey areas are a common theme and being presented with one can really make you rethink yourself. I have had this happen several times working as a CSR, but I think they really help you discover more about yourself.
How often do you actually get to play SWG?
I play SWG a fair bit actually. A lot of the time I have my little green light on, and I am ready to answer questions, but playing in the background. Due to the recent COVID issues, I have had a lot more time to play, but before this all started, I would pop on after work when I could.
What is your favorite thing to do in game?
That is another tough question to answer… I like to run heroics when I can, but I also like to craft. I spend a lot of time reverse engineering as well. Aside from that, I like to play around with my pets in game. I really love the beastmaster side of the game and finding the endless possibilities with pets for the various classes out there.
When did you start playing SWG, and describe that experience?
I started playing SWG back in 2006-2007. I saw the game in its old big clunky box sitting on a shelf in a store and decided to give it a try. I loved Star Wars and thought the game would be fun, and I could not have been more right. It was love at first login and that hasn’t changed since. I was immediately enthralled and spent a lot more time playing than I probably should have. Everything was so new and shiny, and coming back to the game after all these years has reignited my love for the game and community because it is just as I remember it.
Thank you for answering our questions and sharing a little about yourself with us today, Oroti!
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