SWG Legends news // *SWG:Legends: Staff Spotlight - MeanKty*

Staff Handle Name?

What is your position on the Legends Staff?
I am a CSR on Legends Staff
What do you do for the project SWG Legends?
I process the multi account tickets and look into the infraction / banned account tickets. I restore deleted items / characters for players when requested via tickets and verified in the logs. I activate accounts throughout the day. I help assist the player base via Discord.
How did you come to possess these skills, education or self taught?
I worked as IT support for years so I know how to help people in a thorough way. I also Google a lot if I don’t know the answer..

Describe your typical day supporting Legends.
I start the morning off by activating accounts and browsing through the tickets. I process any multi account tickets that are available and look into the infraction / banned account tickets. I also help out the player base in the csr-helpdesk and watch for issues in other channels >:) I keep a tablet up at all times to watch Discord for issues.
What do you think your greatest contribution has been to Legends?
My medbot, who is standing in the Mos Eisley Cantina… lol

What would the other staff at Legends say to this; “Describe (Staff Member).”
Honestly, I think they’d say I'm a bit on the strange side but like to help out the players and I do lots of tickets.
What they actually said:
CSR-Lead Oroti: “Meankty is the second longest serving CSR on the current CSR team. She has been with us for over two years and is very knowledgeable. During her time here she has made quite a lasting impression, not only amongst staff, but also the community. Her eagerness and ability to adapt to almost any situation is amazing. Without a doubt, she is a pillar of the CSR team, and we are very lucky to have her on board. Her cats are also adorable.”
CSR-Kelkel: “MeanKty? dont let the name fool you, she is definitely more of a KindKty, HelpfulKty, and fab FriendKty. Thanks for all you do to be such a GreatKty!”
CSR-Alanah: “MeanKty puts in a lot of time as CSR. Always shows up and is a hard worker. She also shows us the cute pics of her cats weekly. She is kind and supportive to all on staff.”
CSR-Alky: “I remember when Meankty started and am happy to see that she has developed into a very good CSR. She is always ready to pitch in and get things done. Contrary to her name, she is not mean at all and always kind and helpful to everyone.”
CSR-Kubre: “MeanKty – watch out for those scratches. She’s something else……But in all seriousness she has been great to work with. Glad to be working with her on the team.”
CSR-Kaoru: “MeanKty is a very hard working, considerate CSR that isn't afraid to get down to business. A great team player who has always been supportive of other staff members and players.”
CSR-Beta: “More like Nicekty! She's dedicated and she's good at what she does. Also 10/10 med buffs.”
Event-Walmahrt: "MeanKty has been an asset to the CSR Team over the last few years she's been on our staff. She's very helpful and dedicated to the project not only as a staff member, but as a fellow community member where she also lets her creative spirit shine in her various decorating projects that never fail to impress. We adore her and cherish every moment she shows off her animals to us! I also heard she might love porgs almost as much as Rabiator and Neliev."
Admin-Neliev: "MeanKty is laid back, quite chill, and helpful. During our conversations I noticed that we often think alike and see things more relaxed. Within the staff team she is a steady support you can rely on."
Admin-Lokee: "It's been a great pleasure of mine to watch meankty grow into her role as a CSR over the last 2 1/2 years. She is almost always available, and she ensures that the needs of the community are at the forefront of her mind. She's not afraid to have difficult conversations, and she will always err on the side of the community."
What has been the most difficult thing you’ve done supporting Legends?
Honestly, the most difficult thing I’ve done is having to deny a banned account ticket. I love this game so much that it hurts me to tell someone they cannot have their account back for whatever reason.
How often do you actually get to play SWG?
I used to be able to play daily but real life caught up with me and I play whenever I possibly can.

What is your favorite thing to do in game?
I love running heroics, decorating houses for myself and friends, and attending events with my CSR toon to watch the events unfold. I also really enjoy making pets for my characters and my friends to have (especially the kitties).

When did you start playing SWG, and describe that experience?
I started playing on live a couple of months after release on Ahazi server. I was introduced to it by my best friend who played with his real life friends. We started a guild and played until NGE when they stopped playing. Thankfully some of my friends from Ahazi have continued their SWG time on Legends.

Thank you very much MeanKty for your service to the project and taking the time to share a little about yourself!
May the Force be with you,
The SWG:Legends Team

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