SWG Legends news // December Update 2018

With the next restart December Update '18 will be pushed onto Omega.
Life Day 2018
  • Wookiee Life Day returns for this holiday season! Celebrations are taking place in Dearic, Wayfar, and the Grotto on Kashyyyk. Be sure to check them out.
  • Top Imperial and Rebel leaders have met and agreed on a temporary halt of arms for the GCW invasion in Dearic, Talus for the duration of the Life Day event. You can expect the invasion to return right after the event ends.
  • The Life Day Tree gifts and badge have been updated for this year.
  • The original Life Day music has been added back.
  • New Life Day items are available for purchase from factional Life Day activity vendors.
  • Life Day Jackets can now be crafted.
  • A mysterious reward is tucked away in a ferocious beast's white fur on an icy planet. Can your team survive its wrath and claim it?

Content Additions
  • The Legends Veteran Reward system has been updated with a new reward. Credit to the player Kalo Shin for his work on the reward.
  • You can view the latest Legends Veteran Reward here. We will update the rewards page each month.
  • New 1 lot houses are now available in Tatooine and Corellian Styles. They can be crafted by a Structures Trader via the profession wheel.
  • The Old Ranger, Jahdav Liram, has some news of a new creature lurking in the galaxy. Be sure to speak with him at his campsite in the hills of Corellia.
  • Bio-linked items can now be equipped by vendors.
  • A new visitor has arrived to Nym's Stronghold on Lok.
  • Our Facebook Like goal was achieved. All players have been rewarded a Stormtrooper bobblehead!

  • Storytellers rejoice! Players can now persist any storyteller prop with a persist wand as long as the persist wand's holiday event is active.
  • New Life Day storyteller props are now available for purchase. Be sure to check out what your local Wookiee storyteller vendor has for sale.
  • Players can only persist one giant Kashyyyk Wroshyr tree per wand stack.

Bug Fixes
  • Invisible items should no longer be generated in a player's inventory during profession respecing. Existing ones will still need to be cleared out by contacting a CSR.
  • Weapons that were not able to be factory crafted have been fixed.
  • The standard Rocket Launcher schematic has been adjusted.
  • If your character decides to float out into space while on Tansarii Point Station, they will now properly be sent back to Tansarii instead being sent to Tatooine too early.
  • Ship weapons should no longer have graphical issues.
  • Special Edition Goggles should no longer auto-destroy themselves while equipped in your appearance slot.

Senate Resolutions
  • All Heroic Tokens have been flagged as No-Trade shared.
  • The Nightsister Energy Lance will now receive a 2% bonus.
  • Jedi's Meditation ability now lets players choose the meditate buff they receive. (thanks to Matar for contributiong his code!)
  • All crafting components have had their crate sizes increased. New crates should stack up to 100. Structures Trader components may stack further than that.
  • Using the Jedi Meditiation ability while standing will automatically make the player sit and begin meditation.

  • Backend optimizations to the Hoth Heroic have been made to help reduce lag. Please let us know if you are still experiencing issues after this update.
  • We upgraded our Java Runtime Environment. Please let us know if you find any more new issues that did not occur before this upgrade.

Hotfix - December 20
  • Fixed NPCs not having armor values
  • Enabled Vendors to equip bio-linked items