SWG Legends news // *Galactic Moon Festival 2022*

"Welcome to the Galactic Moon Festival! What can I do for you friend? A costume perhaps? Or some trinkets courtesy of the benevolent Jabba the Hutt?"
―Z'ozpheratu, to a Galactic Moon Festival celebrant

If you've either forgotten or it's your first time with the experience of Galactic Moon Festival, fear not (you can fear a little though, it is supposed to be scary). It's a lot to unpack and it can be overwhelming for a new or returning player to the galaxy. We're here to offer some help on breaking down the celebration for you a little bit more, so before you read on further here and potentially fluster yourself even more, we encourage you to take a brief detour and read the basics in our Friday Feature on Galactic Moon Festival RIGHT HERE and dive into the festival without fear (well hopefully still some fear. Again, still scary).

We're very proud to be here enjoying the release of our SEVENTH GMF celebration on SWG:Legends and as always, with the arrival of this recurring festival, comes other updates, so make sure you don't forget to check out all of the patch notes for our October 2022 - Development Update in the following link HERE to get the details for this months rollout.
If you already have, continue reading on. This thread will briefly cover what's returning for our beloved Moon Festival, but mostly touch on what's new. We have some really interesting new additions to the galaxy this year we've been anxious to throw at you all and what better time than GMF to do share these spooky surprises?
(Reminder for new & returning players: Read up about more of the basics of GMF in our Friday Feature!)

It's time to take down the evils within the Dead Forest that have returned to torment Kashyyyk for another Galactic Moon Festival! Journey back to the Dead Forest for new riddles, new rewards, and familiar friends/foes. The Sayormi spirits are again running amok and it's up to brave festival goers to keep evil in check near the haunted tree. Some of the new treats you can find this year at the Haunted Tree raid.
The Tree Raid is located at ( /way 440 -380) ) inside The Dead Forest. The event at the tree will reward players once per character, per day.

There's many more secrets to the moon festival for you to discover. Brave the night and tread carefully through the Dead Forest where you can learn more about the spirits within, discover the secrets of the Undead Chubafly, acquire your own Spooky Pumpkin Helmet, drive back the Sayormi Ghost Queen and her minions to bring another year of peace to the restless souls wandering the Dead Forest. Terrify the galaxy by any means necessary and maybe the Blessing of the Blood Moon will shine down on you this Galactic Moon Festival..

Death in the Depths of Space!
Something terribly wrong is happening aboard ISD.. Brave festival goers and adventurers alike are needed to meet the terror in space this Galactic Moon Festival as the SWG:Legends team is devilishly delighted to invite you aboard the newest and most horrifying heroic iteration of the Imperial Star Destroyer that's sure to shake you to your core.. But don't worry, your bravery is sure to be rewarded as for a limited time only while GMF is active, you can take part in this heroic and have a chance to claim some of the spookiest new seasonal loot that you'll just be DYING to see!

What would any festival let alone one of the spookiest festivals be without live events?! It's too scary to think about.. Galactic Moon Festival 2022 will see no shortage of Tokens of Gratification! Our Events Team will be chomping at the bit to bring us all together for many frights and much fun.
Events this year will span across many parts of the galaxy with a mix of scheduled and surprise events so if you don't want to miss any of our scheduled live events, make sure you stay tuned to Discord and our social media platforms so you don't miss your chance to claim our Galactic Moon Festival Live Event badge available ONLY during the Galactic Moon Festival!
Get your homes ready for the most horrifying of all homeshows as we delve into another chilling chapter of The Galactic Homeshow.. This year we want to see themes fitting of the Galactic Moon Festival! Click here to learn how to enter!
The Haunted Maze returns again to rattle your nerves, wrack your brains, and potentially reward you with many a treat if you can survive the many tricks in the Great Maze of Lok... Stay tuned for more information coming soon!
Legends, it's time for the most diabolical and scream-inducing swim you've ever taken part in.. The spirits of the blood moon call out to festival goers to gather for another running of our Swim of Demise! Swim for survival as you race against fellow celebrants and dangerous obstacles for a chance really rack in the treats this GMF. We will be running this event on 2 separate days with each day consisting of 2 races (that's 4 chances) for you to compete and win some extra Moon Festival goodies to fill your trick-or-treat bags! Stay tuned for more information coming very very soon!
More events and contests will be added to this list so keep checking back in when you can!

(Above) FRIGHTEN UP your entertainment this year with a couple of new seasonal themed instruments that are sure to KILL an audience this GMF courtesy of our talented Design team and contributors.

The Galactic Moon Festival is a very special time for many of us. Our talented Designers, Developers, QA and other testers and contributors all around have really poured a lot in to help us bring this update to you here today. We can't wait to watch you all enjoy this GMF and really discover for yourself the many new interesting things we've included with this rollout. As always, your support and passion for this project is what keeps pushing us all forward.
May the Trick-or-Treating be with you,
The SWG:Legends Team