SWG Legends news // The Housing Demolition Event: 2023!

The Empire is instituting a galaxy-wide effort to remove deserted buildings in an effort to prevent the Rebel Alliance from using abandoned structures as bases and safe houses.
In your day to day you might come across a house, factory, or similar structure that has been left to the ages by an adventurer of the past. You have been designated by the Imperial powers that be to call down an airstrike and remove that structure for the good of the Empire. You will be rewarded for your efforts!

A few reminders about the event:
  • You have to claim via the /claim menu the G.V.B.D.M. Invite: Summer 2023 object and use it to participate in the event!
  • Once claimed, simply radial menu a marked building's sign to initiate the cleanup process.
  • Only 10 houses can be demolished per account per day.
  • The count of demolished houses and badges awarded are synced through all characters on the account.
  • GVBDM tokens can be stored in the heroic token box.
  • The Vendor for the GVBDM has gone through some personnel changes, and has new stock to offer as well!

Are you curious what things you can get with your tokens? Does this whole thing sound absolutely bonkers to you? Worry not. Along with falling back to the wisdom of the community, you can also visit the SWG:Legends Wiki to learn all about the Housing Demolition Program in by clicking this link here!

There is no set date for the event to end. Due to the nature of this event, the length it lasts is determined more by how fast all of you can locate eligible houses, of which there are currently 8593 (as of 8/30/2023). We will make the determination later on for when to turn the event off when there appears to be no houses left to destroy.