SWG Legends news // *Rebel Without A Cause*

"Everyone in the Rebellion is here for a reason. Everyone was affected by the Empire in one way or another. Everyone has a story to tell. Most of them are tragic."
―Wedge Antilles
Attention Legends,
We’ve learned a rebel squadron has been decimated during a routine supply run. Only one of the pilots managed to get out, we think. All comms and contact were lost, but the last transmission we received, we heard enough to know this lone survivor actually did manage to initiate their emergency landing protocols. If they are still alive, we can’t leave them behind. We’re hoping (err..), I mean EXPECTING to start getting a few more pings from the wreckage to narrow down the search. We’ll make sure you’re aware when we hone in on an exact location, This could very well be a recovery mission instead of a rescue, but we won’t know that until we get there. Either way, we hope you can bring them home. If they are still alive, I’d hate to know what’s going on in their head after losing your whole team..
Event Type: PvE
Event Location: TBD
Event Date: All Throughout Empire Day
Event Time: Random
May the force be with you,
The SWG:Legends Team