SWG Legends news // *Tales From a Haunted House*

“Danger doesn’t lurk at every corner. It’s just hanging out, waiting for fear and horror to show up.” -Unknown

Happy Galactic Moon Festival Festival!
From city streets to the forest world of Kashyyyk, the Moon Festival is running rampant across the galaxy. Trick or treaters are out, celebrants have put on their scariest faces, and terror has taken on many new forms in our terrifying tradition. While Jabba The Hutt still lies in wait watching feverishly as the unprepared cower in fear of Galactic Moon Festival, something more mystical and sinister in its own right is taking place in the Dead Forest.
The Sayormi have been restless. Spirits of ancient and fallen members haunt the forest near the Dead Tree looking for souls to fill their ghostly ranks. Heroes have risen amongst the casual festival goers to face this threat head on, but something even more treacherous has its hold on a mysterious house located on Kashyyyk. Tales of its spooky encounters by past Moon Festival celebrants have taken a life of its own all these years later. This ghastly abode is apparently an otherworldly magnet for spirits and all sorts of evil tethered to this place during the Galactic Moon Festival. It’s a power that the Sayormi Ghost Queen wishes to keep to herself.
Heroes are being called upon once again to rally to defeat the Sayormi Ghost Queen and defeat what the Ghost Queen has summoned that protects the house. Once her grip is completely free, the mysteries that lie within this Haunted House will be available to the whole galaxy to explore and survive..

The Haunted House is OPEN You can visit /way -200 250 on Kashyyyk! Enjoy picking over pumpkins and spiderwebs! Happy Moon Festival!

May the scares be with you,
The SWG:Legends Team