SWG Legends news // Life Day 2022 (Celebration Thread)

"WRRRRAAAAAAGH" - A Wookiee Elder, on the importance of tradition

Happy Life Day one and all!
2022 is slowly coming to a close, but with it brings a final hoorah, the yearly tradition started on Kashyyyk, Life Day! A celebration of those around us, togetherness, community, and perseverance. The Grotto has opened up once again, snow falling gently on the hills, and mugs of Hoth Chocolate ready for everyone to enjoy!
We here on the Legends team want to thank each and every member of our community, because without you, there would be no community to celebrate! It's time to put on some fuzzy slippers, grab a warm blanket, and officially start Life Day 2022!

To kick off celebrations, head to the Life Day Grotto, the entry door of which can be located at -756 19 263 on Kashyyyk (It's the one on the left). Make sure to dress warm, the snow has been falling non-stop!

The door mentioned previous!

These festivities will be happening for a month! Starting tonight, December 9th, and running until January 9th. Please note these are the dates of server resets, so it will be Monday morning for you US based folks!

If you're a first time celebrant of the fun, or even someone looking to brush up on what the Wookiee celebrations have to offer, why not check out our Friday Feature: Exploring the Tradition of Life Day. It provides some details of the yearly activities, where the celebrations are happening, and more!

What's New Under the Tree?

As always we have some new goodies for you. Be sure to check out the vendors to see what holiday cheer there is for you this year!

What could they be?

Your wrapped presents above also includes new titles, badges, and collections!

Celebrating The Festive Spirit!

The Galactic Homeshow is back again with the yearly Life Day themed contest! Be sure to submit your Life Day themed houses in the thread here!

The 12 Days of Life Day: The community favorite contest also returns! Join us this Life Day to help us locate our missing Wookiee elders and receive some very good rewards for your efforts to keep the festival going! Each day will yield special rewards for the lucky player who can find them, so make sure you read up on the details here!

Princess Leia will be stopping by the grotto occasionally to sing of the spreading joy and harmony of the season. Details can be found here!

The one and only Chriryme will be out for a limited time this Life Day to teach those who are interested about the meaning of the wookiee tradition. Check out the details right here!
Be sure to keep an eye out for pop up events, as well as further announced events!

Remembering Carrie Fisher:
The world lost Carrie Fisher on December 27th, 2016. Although she's been gone now for six years, she's far from forgotten. We will be hosting a gathering at the Princess Leia and R2-D2 memorial at Dee'ja Peek where we'll reflect and remember how much of a long lasting impact she's made throughout her life and even still since she's passed on. You can learn about this special memorial in-game right here in this Friday Feature.
Stay turned for future announcements regarding the scheduled event happening on December 27th.

As a Reminder, Life Day will be celebrated from December 9th to January 9th!

That about wraps it up for this year's Life Day celebration thread! Wait, what's that? Just there behind the tree.... There's one more gift! Let us see what is inside,shall we?

That's right! We will be having a DOUBLE XP WEEKEND to celebrate the new years! Be sure to log in from DECEMBER 30th to JANUARY 2ND to take advantage of this last little gift!

May you have a wonderful holiday season, no matter if or what you celebrate.
Happy Life Day!
SWG:Legends Staff