SWG Legends news // *Friday Feature: Among the Clouds*

Hello, Legends! For today's Friday Feature, we're continuing our Navigating the Galaxy series, a look into the notable places and iconic locations of Star Wars Galaxies! If you'd like to see the first Feature in this series ("In the Steps of Skywalker", an overview of the locations you can visit on Tatooine that are integral to the story of Luke Skywalker), click here! Today, we're turning the spotlight on a very exciting location: none other than Bespin!
Bespin was added as Legends exclusive content, bringing players a whole new planet to explore. Players can travel to Cloud City as they continue their Star Wars Galaxies adventure - the planet offers a questline for combat characters, as well as content for entertainers and traders and collections unique to the planet. Today, we'll tour around Bespin and show you the sights.
Please note, this feature is simply to aid you in finding your way to and around Bespin while highlighting a few interesting points in each section. It is not intended to be a quest walkthrough. Relevant links for quest help will be posted in each section.
Are you ready? Then let's set off for the city in the clouds!

Journey to Bespin
Choices, choices...

Your first question as a new player might be... how do you get to Bespin? All you need is a ship and a starport terminal. Click on the terminal and select Bespin - from there, you can choose whatever starport you'd like on the planet. And as you'll no doubt notice, there's quite a few to choose from! We're going to start this tour by selecting Cloud City starport first - simply click and go.

Cloud City Starport
Cloud City starport puts you within shooting distance of the Legends Club. Inside the Legends Club is the Legends Cantina (Where you will find Lora, the questgiver for the Bespin Entertainer Quests), an arena, and a cloning and medical center. If you need to continue your travels somewhere else, you can also find a starship terminal in the Legends Club.
From Cloud City Starport, it's a short drive to the Underground Cantina, where players can challenge themselves by taking on the Holonet Battle Arena.

Industrial Sector Starport
It's a trader's life for me...

Welcome to the Industrial Sector! Traders interested in the content Bespin has to offer will no doubt want to rush to this starport, as it's where you begin the Bespin Crafter quest. Head to the Tibanna Prime Trader Guildhall (-627, -62) to get started! Our player run Wiki has an amazing guide that shows you all the materials you need for the quest in case you need to get some shopping done prior. Click here!

Tibanna Platform 1 and 2
Tibanna Platforms 1 and 2 lead to player apartments. While players cannot place harvesters and player homes on Bespin, you can purchase an apartment on the planet by speaking to Odih Owela. You'll find him in Bespin Central Tower (/waypoint bespin 136 200). Are you interested in owning your own piece of real estate in the clouds? Check out our Friday Feature on Bespin apartments here!
It's a long way to the top if you want to rock and roll OR live on Bespin.

Rebel/Imperial Forces Base
Totally not Imperial product placement, here.

Also known as the PVP Platform, choosing either the Rebel or Imperial base will take you to your faction's side on the platform. You must be a member of a faction to travel to this platform, and once you arrive your status will be locked to Special Forces. The PVP platform is an arena where combatants can battle it out among the clouds.

Thank you for reading our introduction to finding your way around Bespin. We hope it makes finding your bearings on the planet a bit easier! Stay tuned for more Navigating the Galaxy Friday Features, where we travel our amazing galaxy together. Can't wait to see you for the next one.
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