SWG Legends news // *Friday Feature - Give Yourself Credit*

Hello Legends. It's Friday and that means it's pay day! Yes, you heard that right. For this weeks Friday Feature, we will cover the various ways to move your hard earned credits to different characters. This could be your own characters or even to others. Don't worry, this feature is 100% free of charge! We hope you will profit from the experience. Ready to cash in? Let's go!
Opening Statement
Let's talk a little about wealth management. As in, where's the money?
Credits are not shared across your account. Each of your characters has their own inventory (think of it like a wallet that you carry with you) and a bank account. You can move money between the two by visiting any bank terminal in the galaxy. The Banking Clan does not even take any cut for this service!
Ways to Transfer Credits
There are four key ways to transfer credits between characters. They are:
  • Tipping
  • Bank Tipping
  • Trading
  • Bunker Terminal

There are a few other ways, but as these are more related to a byproduct of other systems - such as using a city treasury, an entertainer buff session, or purchasing items from your alts or others - we will not be covering those today. While they do move credits around, these are more for purchasing goods and services or for managing a city.
Two of the methods we will cover require the involved parties to be online at the same time and near each other. If you are giving credits to your alt character, you'll need to dual log to do that. It's easier than you may think. Read on!
How to Dual Log
"Dual Logging" means to have more than one of your characters online at the same time. In fact, you are permitted to have up to three characters on simultaneously. But for our purposes today, we only need two.
To dual log,
  1. Start your launcher in admin mode just as always. Login and click "Play"
  2. Select your character and login to the game world
  3. Now, tab back out to the launcher and click "Play" again
  4. Select a different character and login to the game world

That's all there is to it! Now that we have the basics out of the way, let's look into the four ways of transferring funds that we planned to cover today.
The Tipping Method
This is the most direct method of moving credits from one character to another. The credits come from your personal inventory; that is to say: the credits you carry with you. You can tip any character nearby. If they are too far away, it will automatically try to perform a bank tip instead. (More on that later).
To tip your own character, you'll want to dual log first. Target the recipient character (Be sure you have the right character targeted with the BLUE box. The green box does NOT guarantee you have them properly selected.)
Type: /tip (AMOUNT)
Alternately you can specify the recipient by name to ensure you don't accidentally miss your intended target:
The money is transferred to the recipient as long as you have the necessary funds.
The Bank Tipping Method
To bank tip, the other character does not NEED to be online at the same time. The credits will come from your bank account instead of your inventory. The Banking Clan will charge you an additional 5% in order to process the payment.
If you can cover both the tip amount and the surcharge, then you can proceed:

You will receive a confirmation: "A surcharge of 5% will be added to your requested bank-to-bank transfer amount. Would you like to continue?
Click the "Yes" button. If your recipient is online, the money will transfer immediately over. If they are not, the credits will be placed in escrow. As soon as they login, the money will transfer. Once the money is transferred, both you and the recipient will receive an e-mail that confirms the transfer is complete.
The Trading Method
The trading system allows you to move tradeable items from your inventory and your datapad to another character. That same system also allows you to transfer credits. Both characters need to be online and near each other for this feature. The credits are paid from your inventory.
Begin a trading session with the other character. In the field at the bottom, enter the number of credits you wish to transfer.
After you both accept the trade, the credits are moved from your inventory to the recipients.
The Mustafar Bunker Method
Every account will have access to one Mustafar Bunker. Like all structures, the bunker has a structure terminal which is used to name it, manage the sign or declare it as your residence. As well, you can deposit credits for the upkeep of the structure. As time ticks on, the credits are slowly used up to ensure the bunker stays in tip-top shape.
But interestingly enough, the bunker also allows any credits not used to be withdrawn. Moreover, anyone with admin rights on the bunker can both deposit and withdraw credits. Any of your alt characters and anyone else you choose can take advantage of this system. Be sure to only grant admin to others who you trust!
Closing Balance
You are now experts in managing your finances. Whether you need to tip a dancer, send credits to your combat character for a suit of armor, or wire credits to your trader who forgot to bring harvester maintenance with them while visiting the far reaches of Yavin, you know what to do. Or maybe you want to setup a small treasury between your characters and your most trusted friends. It's all possible and you can do it!
We hope this feature was valuable to you as you continue to make your way - and make your credits - in the galaxy! Thanks for investing your time with us and May the Funds Be With You!

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