SWG Legends news // The Fourteenth Senate Election Polls Open Soon!

The Election Polls will officially open for the Fourteenth Galactic Senate SATURDAY, MARCH 18th 2023 at the following time:
3pm PDT | 5pm CDT | 6pm EDT | 10pm GMT | 11pm CET
Your candidates for the Fourteenth Senate are:
Nominee / Discord Name
  • Dudeski / Dudeski#1776
  • Inconspicuous / Inconspicuous#5774
  • Tremor / ipake#4572
  • Krios / Talalalalaala#3987
  • Fnslayeroc / Fnslayeroc#0011
  • Kegir / Kegir#9094
  • Finalasylum / Finalasylum#6640
  • Redscorpion / Redscorpion#3282
  • Calarian / Calarian#8701
  • Lostmyway / Lostmyway#6531
  • Tawny / Tawny#2998
  • Al'Kho Holeek / Al'Kho Holeek#1872
  • Lady Argiope - AG - / Lady Argiope - AG - #8958
  • Sade / Sade#1724
  • Lowyjowylof / Kirkfu#1693
  • Teflon / Teflon#4994
  • Iscoo Aka Josh / JoshManley#7016

We invite you ALL to join us IN-GAME at the Galactic Senate Building in Theed, Naboo at /way naboo -5727 3981 Ballot Box; as we open the polls for voting.
The Events Team will be joining us as we dedicate the moment and celebrate our candidates on their journey to a potential seat on this next Galactic Senate as well as the longstanding tradition of the Senate itself by empowering our community to use their ability to vote! We invite you to come out for an evening of fun and socializing with some of your candidates and fellow community members!
Remember, everyone will get ONE VOTE PER ACCOUNT! Accounts must be at least 30 days old to be eligible to vote.
To cast your vote, make your way in-game to the Galactic Senate Building in Theed at /way Naboo -5727 3981 Ballot Box; and radial the ballot box using tilde (~), select option 3 "Vote for a Senator" then pick your candidate of choice for your vote to count! If you cast your vote correctly, you will get a system message and badge for participating!
The polls will remain open until March 25th, 2023 at the same time listed at the top of the thread.