SWG Legends news // Life Day 2022: Holiday Shipping Delays

While the galaxy celebrated Empire Day earlier in the year, Rebel Agents staged a daring mission to steal a valuable, experimental shield generator - codenamed the Aegis - from the Empire. The ISB have been monitoring all frequencies and trade routes in hopes of discovering what became of their stolen property.
The crafty Rebels have thus far avoided detection by breaking down the Aegis generator into separate pieces. The parts have been hidden in various Life Day toy deliveries to mask their transport across the galaxy towards a hidden Rebel base.
Unknown to both sides as they scramble to secure the Aegis generator, a third faction is on the move. While their intent is only to disrupt Life Day, they may find themselves in possession of this important tech. Should the black market and criminal underworld gain such an advantage, it could mark a significant shift in the civil war. Not to mention spoil Life Day in the process!
  • Event Type: PVE
  • When: Various times throughout Life Day 2022
  • Where: Any planet, anywhere!
  • Factions: Any. Enemies will be attackable to everyone who participates regardless of faction

Your participation will help either the Empire, Rebellion OR the criminal underworld!
  • Wait for an in-game prompt from either the Empire or the Alliance
  • Proceed to the waypoint given and defeat any enemies
  • Once the cargo is secure, you will receive a passcode
  • Enter the passcode in THIS thread with either "Empire", "Rebel", or "Underworld" and the character name who participated
  • The FIRST person to do so earns an additional Token of Gratification and a point for their chosen faction.

At the end of Life Day, the faction that has earned the most points will have taken control of the Aegis shield generator. This will advance the story for later events around this ongoing storyline.
Aegis Objective Standings
The following represents the current status of how each faction is doing in the quest for the Aegis technology.
Rebel Alliance - 0 Imperial Empire - 0 Underworld - 0