SWG Legends news // *Help With Some Dead Beasts*

Watto has been cheated! Last year, the junk dealer tried to impress Jabba the Hutt by organizing a Galactic Moon Festival event in his home city of Mos Espa. Sparing no expense, Watto contracted with black market beast handlers to bring in the most terrifying and ghoulish creatures to entertain Jabba as they tried to dine on the festival goers.
Where most would say this was a successful undertaking, Watto can only see a hit to his profit margin. You see, one of the creatures Watto purchased - and Undead Cu’pa - ran off into the desert dunes when it was released.
A year later, the beast is yet to be found and Watto has been refused a refund! He wants his purchase and has made a deal with you to find it AND whoever is responsible to keeping it from him for an entire year!
Type: PVE
When: Various Times During GMF
Starting Location: Mos Espa, Watto’s Junk Shop (/wp tatooine -2910 2435)
Prior to the start of the event, an announcement will be made in-game. Proceed to the starting location and await the arrival and further instructions from Watto. You should be prepared for combat.