SWG Legends news // *The Twin Moon Pageant*

Unearthly celebrants!
The Galactic Moon Festival brings out all kinds of spooktacular beings that reside within our galaxy. This year, our friends at Mos Vanta have arranged a grim evening of frightful delights. We’re making the most of this ghoulish opportunity to host a ghastly fashion show. *Cackle!*
It’s really easy to take part, all you need to do is attend in tailored attire that is a rendition or version of a Star Wars character (Any timeline, canon or legacy!) Be sure to reach out to a local domestic trader or get crafting! You will then be prompted to take position on-stage in-front of the event judging panel.
The enchanted prizes consists of the following. (sketched by community member, Zaza)
1st prize: x1 Character portrait (fully detailed)
2nd place prize: x1 Character portrait & background.
3rd place prize: x1 Character portrait.
All attendees & participants will be rewarded with a quantity of Tokens of Gratification.
Event Type: Social/RP
Event Description: Spooktacular Fashion. (Star Wars character renditions)
Event Location: Mos Vanta, Tatooine.
Event Date & Time: Friday 23rd October @ 10PM GMT UK/6PM EST/3PM PST
See below some examples of Zaza’s sketches:

Hope to see you in attendance!
- The SWG:Legends Team.