SWG Legends news // Ask Us Your Questions! (October 2022)

Greetings Legends,
Do you have a question you would like to get answered by the Legends team? Feel free to post them here!
These can be community-related questions, development-related questions; Whatever you like and we'll do our very best to get those answered for you. Please understand that we can get drowned out with many many messages. Unfortunately some of those questions may slip through the cracks. If they do, keep trying us here or maybe even reach out to us on social media! You can find a list of our social media platforms here.
A recent addition we've made is the inclusion of some of the most FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS that we've noticed come up month after month, so we definitely encourage you to also visit our new Community Transmission FAQ page where you can see if your question may have already been answered! You can find the FAQ here. The FAQ thread will be closed as it's meant only as a means of compiling past questions.

Please submit your questions within this forum post (or via one of our social media platforms) and you just might be lucky enough to have your question answered within the next quarterly issue of our Community Transmission Newsletter!
We aim to have the next issue land by late October.
May the force be with you,
The SWG:Legends Team.