SWG Legends news // *May The Fourth Be With You!*

Happy Star Wars Day!
We’re back again for another year of May The 4th fun! As most of us already know, May 4th is a very special day across the globe for every Star Wars fan as we continue to celebrate all that makes up our favorite galaxy far far away and share what we love about it. With this year being our FOURTH annual May 4th celebration, we want to talk about some of what we have going for you all this year, along with how we plan to properly commemorate this special time and make it as memorable an experience as possible here on Legends.
It has been a difficult few months for many around the world. All of us have been affected differently by what has been going on, but nonetheless affected in some way. We want to first and foremost send out our support and well wishes to all of you and your family/friends during this time and thank you for enjoying Star Wars Galaxies here with us. We’ll get through this!
Now, let’s go over everything you can expect to see for years festivities (Stay tuned for any updates to this thread and announcements on Discord or Social Media!):
Double XP Returns:
Many of you asked and now we deliver! Enjoy Star Wars Day with DOUBLE XP starting on May 4th until server reset on May 6th! Celebrate with us and reap some of the double bonuses you can expect below:
  • x2 XP
  • x2 GCW
  • x2 Heroic Tokens
  • x2 Harvester Extraction Rates
  • x2 Chronicle XP
  • x2 Beast XP
  • & Much More!

Get Your Junk Loot:
May The 4th brings back new opportunities for you to gather the goodies! This year is taking us out of the desert and onto the greens and beaches of Corellia and Naboo. Crates of junk loot will be scattered within the areas below and available for all of you to gather (per character, daily) while the celebrations are on. (RADIAL the MagSeal Containers and select "Search")
“This is Lake Retreat of the Naberrie family, one of the most honored families in Naboo history. Queen Padme Amidala was a Naberrie, along with several former Senators and many high officials.” - Lareen Dantara (to an unnamed Spacer)
The Lake Retreat ( /waypoint -5489 -21 naboo )
The Naberrie family of Naboo has graciously invited celebrants to join them on Naboo. They have opened the doors of The Lake Retreat to welcome everyone to enjoy the grounds and the beaches to help you celebrate with class! Rumors have it that Borvo the Hutt has decided to take advantage of the occasion and has paid off security to turn a blind eye while he moves supplies in and out through the Retreat. You’ll find MagSeal Containers full of useful goods scattered throughout town. Things have gotten a little noisy and we’re hearing reports that festivities have stirred up the local Peko Peko population. Everyone is encouraged to have a good time, but to also be prepared for any unseen interruptions.

"I was the first. When I started, I was the only one. Though back then, the name meatlump only referred to a delicious snack. It was Draykken who named us Meatlumps! But even so, it is only right that I am King. For I am the tallest and the most glorious." - The Meatlump King
Vreni Island ( /waypoint -5462 -6602 corellia )
The Meatlump King has recently rediscovered Vreni Island on Corellia. Feeling like he needs a vacation, he has dispatched members of his gang to deliver some of his personal belongings and supplies to accommodate his stay. Unfortunately these Meatlump buffoons have either mishandled, lost, or completely neglected some of his storage crates. Along the beaches of Vreni Island, you will find scattered crates of junk trailing back to a makeshift encampment inhabited by the rest of the gang (the MagSeal Containers may yield some useful junk loot). We’re hearing the king hasn’t taken the news of his goods being pillaged very lightly. We’re not sure what to expect, but he does plan to make the island reimburse him in some way to make up for the insult. Perhaps the festivities will melt the Meatlump King’s heart ? The Meatlumps (who have been advised to be on their best behavior) have occupied the island, but everyone is welcomed to join in on the fun and help keep Vreni safe from any possible disruptions during celebrations.
Live Events:
We’re ringing in another May The 4th with plenty of Live Events and the opportunity to acquire a very special treat we have for you this year. We know so many of you love your badges and we felt like this special occasion deserves one. Participating in any of our Live Events while the festivities are active (not just on May 4th), you will be rewarded a brand new Live Event Badge:
Accolade: May 4th Live Event Medal
"You have participated during a Live Event at a very special time. May The Fourth Be With You."

Reminder: Keep a watchful eye on your in game announcements in case trouble begins to brew on Vreni Island (Corellia) or The Lake Retreat (Naboo)!
Listed below are some of the planned Live Events you can get excited to be part of:
An absolute hit last year, our Hyperspace Hoopla returns again! This time we’re outdoors and having an event to remember at the Jedi Temple Ruins on Dantooine. Be part of the biggest Star Wars celebration this May The 4th and join us on discord, along with many of your favorite iconic Star Wars characters in-game as we celebrate together Learn more by clicking here.

Disclaimer: With this being a very busy time on the server (particularly on May 4th), there will likely be some unavoidable lag with so many players attending.
Contests & Giveaways:
Unlock the secrets of the Skywalker Saga by entering into our GIVEAWAY by pressing here!

Be Part Of The Fun:
We hope you’re able to join us for the many fun things in store during our celebrations here on SWG:Legends and we again want to thank you all for the continued support and we cannot wait to experience another exciting chapter with every one of you! And on that note:

May the fourth be with you always,
The SWG:Legends Team