SWG Legends news // *Galactic Beast Wars!*

Legends Beast Masters! We're putting out a call for all capable fighters!
The Galactic Civil War rages on, and we want YOU to take part in a tournament to show your factional supremacy!
Coming up this SATURDAY, JUNE 18th we will be hosting a 1 v 1 tournament between tamed beasts! No blaster fire found here, just, teeth, claws, and buffeting wings!
This will not be a full elimination bracket. Each competitor will fight only once, the winner of the duel taking the prize!
As an added twist we will try to match up each competitor as Imperial vs Rebel, and track the winning factions. The side with the most winners claims victory, not just for themselves, but EVERYONE of that faction in attendance (audience too!). That means a little extra prize for the winning faction! If you aren't competing, be sure to come out and show your support!
(As a note, if you are non factional please state such, and you will be added to the roster on the side with less competitors, furthermore, if the sides are unbalanced, competition will continue as normal but the inter-faction fights will not count toward the factional wins!)
This event will be taking place at:
Don't see your time zone listed? Use the same conversion tool we do, found RIGHT HERE!

This will be taking place on the third story of the Legends Cantina!

All the way at the top!

Each winner will be issued a tradable Kashyyykian Beast Muzzle for their domination! There will also be something given as thanks to each that attend the event, competing or otherwise!
The winning faction will be given a mystery prize!

What's a tournament without a few rules?

  • Pet versus Pet ONLY. Single Round Elimination.
  • Event Staff will group with each set of participants and provide their beasts medic buffs.
  • Participants are NOT to use their own player abilities to influence the fight (this includes Generals Aspect jewelry sets).
  • Absolutely NO BUFFS, Powerups, Consumables.
  • Soothing Comfort is permissible. BM expertise heal is NOT ALLOWED!
  • Pets are able to use THEIR skills/abilities.
  • Pets MUST be level 90.
  • Please show up to the event ON LEAVE!
  • No Shock Collar OR Beast Muzzle use.
  • ONE entry per account.
  • Fights that go on for an extended amount of time will be called a draw at the discretion of the Event Staff.
  • We will stop and reset a fight if any rule violations occur after the countdown. If a competitor causes the fight to stop more than once, they will be disqualified.

**Disclaimer** Unfortunately, there may be some no shows, uneven participants or there may even be too many entries to have more than one matchup per person, in which case the matchups can and will be subject to change so we can move forward with the event.

The Matches:

  • Matchups will be determined ahead of time.
  • Two competitors will be summoned to the ring and both be requested to join a temporary group with Event Staff (this will help avoid any unintentional outside interference).
  • Each competitor’s pet will be issued medic buffs ONLY.
  • When both competitors have given Event Staff confirmation they’re ready, we will initiate a countdown via System Message.
  • At the end of the countdown, fighting begins between your pets ONLY. Beast Masters are recommended to stay out of range of any pet AOE
  • The results of each fight will be documented.

Your Entry:
[You MUST submit your entry through this thread to participate. We will NOT accept entries past the deadline]
If you would like to enter into this BM event, please read the example entry below:
Character Name: Han Doe
Type of Pet: Lava Flea
Faction: Rebellious Imperial
I have read carefully over this thread as well as the rules within. I accept and agree to enter.

We will do one final check on this thread before the event starts to confirm all entries. Once the event starts, we will close this thread from further entries.
We can't wait to see you and your companions there!
May the force be with you,
The SWG:Legends Team