SWG Legends news // *The Swim Of Demise Returns!*

Greetings celebrants,
A returning ghastly type of challenge is awaiting you! The Dead Forest (Located within the Kkowir Forest instanced area of Kashyyyk) is known for Its volatile and harsh environment. This live-event will put your bravery as an adventurer of the galaxy to the test.
A group of deadly event planners have conjured up a ghoulish gathering for you to attend! The objective of this event is to simply swim for your lives. Navigate your way from the start point of the swimming course to the end. Note: Prior knowledge of the waterways of the Dead Forest could be beneficial, perhaps you and friends could investigate before the event? No challenge of this kind comes easy. The celebration of the Galactic Moon Festival has drawn the attention of some unwanted beings into the Dead Forest, these beings wish to immobilize swimmers as they conduct their swim to victory! An in-game announcement will signal the start of the race.
We will have spooktacular prizes for the 1st/2nd/3rd place individuals to cross the finish line. Be sure to bring your friends along. Surely there is safety in numbers?!
(Map of the dead forest below)
(Green = Start Point) (Red = Finish line)
Event Type: Social/PvE
Event Date: Friday 25th October
Event Time: 10PM BST UK/5PM EDT/2PM PDT
Event Rules (Strict):
  • No buffs of any kind. (Including NO 5 piece Heroic Sets)
  • No Terrain Negotiation clothing to be equipped.
  • No abilities at all to be used during the race.
  • All racers MUST stay within the water at all times.
  • No mounts to be used.

Failure to follow these rules will result in disqualification!

Race Start location: 310 302 (Near the Shadowweave Caverns)
Race Finish Line: -387 -408
We hope to see you there!
SWG:Legends Staff.