SWG Legends news // Empire Day 2023: Factional Photo Contest

The Corellian Times is covering the Galactic Civil War and needs YOUR creative eye to capture images of the conflict! Choose from one of three themes, then submit your screenshot for a chance to win!
How to Enter
To enter the competition, first select one of the themes below:
  • Imperial Order - The Empire seeks galactic peace through order.
  • Rebel Hope - The Rebels fight the good fight for a better future.
  • True Neutral - Live free. Don't join.

And then... head out into the galaxy and capture a picture that best represents the theme of your choice. It can be an existing scene that fits the category or even one that you create yourself (such as with Storyteller props, effects or costumes)! Other players may be included in your image (and even help you with any aspect of your design), but only you are eligible for the prize.
You ARE permitted to color correct, sharpen, blur or perform similar photo-editing techniques to improve the quality or appearance of the picture. But you are NOT permitted to add effects or other content to the picture. If in doubt, please ask!
Post your picture on this thread, along with the theme youÂ’ve selected BEFORE JULY 16! We will select one image from all entrants on the basis of:
  • Creativity
  • Composition
  • Adherence to theme

A few guidelines to read over:
  • You may only submit ONE screenshot (per account)
  • All screenshots MUST within the game on the OMEGA server
  • Screenshots MUST have the HUD hidden (Ctrl+Shift+H to hide)
  • Any submissions that would require moderation by us will be removed from this thread
  • Please include your in-game character name with your submission
  • Do not forget to include your chosen THEME
  • You MAY add some text to talk about your image
  • Submit your entry via an image hosting site (such as IMGUR) and link the image for your submission!

The player with the winning entry will receive each of the following:
  • Two (2) Tokens of Gratification
  • Any item on the 2023 Empire or Rebel Vendor (excluding guild halls) OR Han's Hydrospanner (for a random collection item)
  • The Illustrious Datacron which grants the title "Spirited Adventurer" upon use (you keep the holocron as deco!)

The winner will be announced on Sunday, July 16th, 2023.
Thank you and may the best photojournalist win!