SWG Legends news // *Beast Bash At The Beach*

Greetings, Legends
Attention, beast enthusiasts! We’ve heard your requests and it’s finally that time again. We will be hosting a BM event in our seaside squared circle on the beaches of Kaadara on Saturday, July 18th. Previous events have before included other contests to demonstrate the bond between Master and Beast, but we are going back to the basics and keeping it all about beast versus beast! To help commemorate our inaugural BM event of 2020, we’re including a very special guest and esteemed rancor tamer, Malakili (with special permission to attend this event by Jabba The Hutt himself). Malakili will be observing anxiously to see what sort of discipline you’ve instilled in your pets. He’s also brought a bundle of Kashyyykian Beast Muzzles to hand out to some of our victorious participants over the course of the event (limit of 1 muzzle per person), so don’t disappoint him!

The Location:
This event will be held in our arena located on the beaches of Kadaara ( 4880 6957 ). Find yourself a good place in the stands so you can look down on the action!
The Time:
Saturday July 18th: 10AM PST/12PM CT/1PM EST USA/6PM BST UK/3AM AEST
The Rules:
  • Pet versus Pet ONLY. Single Round Elimination.
  • Event Staff will group with each set of participants and provide their beasts medic buffs.
  • Participants are NOT to use their own player abilities to influence the fight (this includes Generals Aspect jewelry sets).
  • BM expertise pet heal and Soothing Comfort are permissible.
  • Pets are able to use THEIR skills/abilities.
  • Pets MUST be level 90.
  • No Shock Collar OR Beast Muzzle use.
  • ONE entry per account.
  • Fights that go on for an extended amount of time will be called a draw at the discretion of the Event Staff.

**Disclaimer** Unfortunately, there may be some no shows and/or uneven participants, in which case the match-ups can and will be subject to change or we may request participants who have already fought to fight again so we can move forward with the event.
Your Entry:
If you would like to enter into this BM event, please read the example entry below:
"Character Name: Han Doe
Type of Pet: Lava Flea
I have read carefully over this thread as well as the rules within. I accept and agree to enter."

We can’t wait to see all of the entries come in and look forward to seeing you all at the beach for a day of fun watching your creatures clash!
May the force be with you,
The SWG:Legends Team