SWG Legends news // *Friday Feature: Festive Fun!*

We live in a galaxy full of celebration! There always seems to be a holiday just around the corner - it's one of the many things that makes our home so exciting. When one festive season ends, the next isn't far away. In today's Friday Feature, we're taking a look at holidays in Star Wars Galaxies. Come on, join the party!

Galactic Moon Festival
Let's start with the Galactic Moon Festival. The GMF as it's known is the creation of the illustrious Jabba the Hutt of Tatooine. Bored of the saccharine sweetness of the Ewok Festival of Love and tired of the hope and peace of the Wookiees wildly popular Life Day, he sought to make his own festival. One that would be the scariest, spookiest holiday of the year. Thus, the Galactic Moon Festival was born! Spookiness is the name of the game during this frightfully fun holiday season, with galactic citizens encouraged to trick or treat and participate in the festival's devilish delights!
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Life Day
Among the Wookiees of Kashyyyk, Life Day is the celebration of their lush homeworld's ecosystem and all life that dwells within. It is also a time to remember and honour one's family, and to celebrate the cherished Wookiee ideals of morality, courage, compassion and loyalty. The Wookiees have shared this holiday with the wider galaxy, encouraging all beings who want to celebrate with them to do so! Despite Imperial crackdowns, Life Day's popularity has spread across the galaxy. Citizens now more than ever appreciate the message of Life Day in a galaxy that seems shrouded in darkness.
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The Ewok Festival of Love
Allayloo ta nuv! That's Ewokese for "Celebrate the love!", and that's just what this holiday is all about! Originally to celebrate friendship and acceptance among members of Ewok tribes, it is celebrated in the galaxy at large as well! But where there is love, there is also hate that lies in the shadows to try and spoil the fun. Though the eternal struggle of Love versus Hate plays on year after year, the Festival remains a popular time for matchmakers to ply their trade and for kindness and compassion to be celebrated!
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Fool's Day
Anything can happen on Fool's Day! A silly holiday celebrated by Empire and Rebellion alike, Fool's Day is a time where one and all play jokes and pranks on each other. Events on Fool's Day can run the gamut from the bizarre to the hilarious, so be ready for absolutely anything. Unlike other holidays in the Galactic year, Fool's Day is typically held over a weekend and not a month. The galaxy simply could not handle more than a weekend of Dr. Fool's wacky shenanigans!
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Empire Day
Empire Day commemorates the ascension of the Emperor and the dissolution of the corrupt Jedi Council. It's a time for the Empire to celebrate the peace and order it has bestowed on the galaxy. Imperial citizens galaxy wide also attend parades, listen to speeches, or simply honour one more year of the Emperor's rule. You might not know it, but Rebel fighters work just as hard during Empire day, albeit for different reasons. Empire Day has also gained traction with the opposing side, who use it as a day of protest and resistance. It is known as Remembrance Day among the Rebels, who see it as a day to respectfully pay tribute to those who have made the ultimate sacrifice in pursuit of freedom.
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Holiday Happenings
You might ask, what happens during holidays in the galaxy? Well, quite a bit! Along with returning yearly activities, there are plenty of chances to earn Tokens of Gratification during live events! Live Events pop up throughout the season during holidays, and are announced via in game system message. Be sure to be on the lookout! There also might be new items on offer from seasonal vendors - there's usually a surprise or two in store.
Short on time? Holidays are not so much days as they are seasons, so don't fear if you are not there the day a holiday starts! There is generally a month's worth of fun during the holiday time, so there's plenty of chances to join in.
We hope you enjoyed this look at holidays in Star Wars Galaxies. Which one is your favourite? Let us know below! We'll see you in the galaxy!

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