SWG Legends news // *Friday Feature - Opening your Options*

Good day Legends!
This Friday Feature is all about adjusting a few settings in your options to make your experience in the Omega galaxy that much better. This game that we all rally around has been around for quite a while, and unfortunately that means that not everything is as user friendly as we have come to expect in today's age, but we can remedy that with just a few simple option adjustments!


Firstly, there are a few keybinds that you should be aware of that make life much easier in your day to day. Under they keymap menu, navigate to the "target" tab, and look for the "secondary attack" keybind. This will cause the last ability you used to be used again (if off cooldown of course). While this can have it's practical uses, more often than not it causes you to waste an ability, or attack something you did not mean to! If you would like to not have this effect, just click where it says "secondary attack" and click "clear binding". Be sure to click "OK" after that or it will not save the changes you just made!

Right here!

Next, we want to grant the ability to use cut, copy, and paste functions with any text field in the game. Under the "chat" tab, you will find the keybind options of "chat edit cut/copy/paste". These are by default unbound, so we can just click the one we want to set, and click the "rebind" button. You can set these to anything (much like you can change any of the keybinds in this menu to something that would suit you better!), however for the sake of this article, we set them to the windows default for the same commands. As a tip: If you would like to use cut/copy/paste in a text field that is not the chat bar, you can! Aftrer setting the keybinds, you just have to ensure that your chat bar is active (you have the blinking icon and can type in it). If it's active, you can copy and paste in any spot you can type!

I'm happy to give some pointers!


There are a multitude of options available in this tab of the menu. One of the first is to add a vertical hotbar as well as a second row to your main hotbar. It's highly suggested you have these active, as having more hotkeys available makes for quicker use of anything you need! We are going to skip over all of the other checkbox options here, as while each can offer helpful changes, they are more for personal preferences. Be sure to look them all over! We are skipping down to the drop-down box "Secondary Target Status Window". By default there is no option chosen here, but we suggest "target of target" as your option of choice here, as it will show you what the thing you have selected is targeting! Very good in case you need to know if your tank no longer has aggro on that Rancor! While it is more personal customization, the drop-down below that will let you change your UI colors, if the base light blue just doesn't do it for you.


For the option that has everything that doesn't fit elsewhere, there are a lot of important things here! Firstly, if you find yourself getting motion sick easy, or are just around a lot of stompy fellows, the option to turn off screen shake can be found here. A few rows down you will find "auto loot corpses", this macabre named setting makes life much easier, as you don't need to click every quarry after you show them who's boss to take their credits, it'll be done for you! Just under that, you'll find show backpack/helmet. These show or hide your helm and backpack from everyone, just in case you didn't want to display them. Lastly, at the very bottom of this list, you'll find "currency format". By default, all currency is shown as a block of numbers. If you choose any of the options in the dropdown, it will break up the numbers for ease of reading. For instance, 1000000 without any formatting is changed to 1,000,000 with "comma delimited" selected. Choose whichever option suits you best, but find ease in not having 7 zeros next to each other and having to count them to see how much you're spending!

So many choices to consider...

These are just a few options we think you should know about to make your time easier! Do you have any setting you think are "must have"? Share below! If you want a breakdown of all the graphical settings in the game, check out our Friday Feature Understanding In-Game Graphic Options.
May the Options be with you,
SWG:Legends Staff

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