SWG Legends news // The Ewok Festival of Love Returns!

"Allayloo ta nuv!"
―Ewokese for, "Celebrate the love!"

Yaa-yaah, Legends!
Love is in the air and the Ewoks are back and out in full force once again as the sounds of celebration have returned! Now let us rejoice in the Ewok Festival of Love! Log in between February 11th up to March 14th for a month full of love, friendships, and fun! Tyrena (Corellia), Kadaara (Naboo), and the Southern Ewok Lake Village POI (Endor) have come alive with dancing, feasts, and plenty of trinkets to help you commemorate this lovely longstanding tradition. Please continue to read further as we overview the Ewok Festival of Love 2022 and learn about some of the basics of EFOL, what's returning, what's new, and some of what you can expect over the course of the celebration for in-game events, contests, and more!
You can view the patch notes for our February 2022 - Development Update right here.

Are you totally brand new or forgot the basics of Ewok Festival of Love? Not to worry:
Ewoks, hearts, love, festival? It might sound like a lot to digest, but don't fret! We encourage all of our New and Returning players to read up everything they need in our Friday Feature on Exploring The Ewok Festival of Love right here. There you can learn all about the entire overview of the in-game quests you can do (daily and non-daily), some of the rewards still available from previous years celebrations, and more! So read up and hopefully be less overwhelmed!

What all is returning from previous iterations of Ewok Festival of Love?
That sweet Ewok tradition brings with it many of the past years rewards. Speaking with the vendor in the celebration areas of Kadaara, Tyrena, and Southern Ewok Lake Village will reveal that you can still purchase many of the paintings, wearable items, furnishings, and much more that has filled the list in previous years! There are lots of old goodies available to all, even if this is you first Ewok Festival of Love experience! (Don't forget to refer to the link above and learn about some of the past rewards of the Ewok Festival of Love)
Did you miss out on Ewok Festival of Love in-game events last year? Well with the festival being back, we're happy to share the return of the Ewok Festival of Love Live Event Badge, attained only through in-game events ran by the Legends staff! Love is in the air and so is your chance to acquire this accolade pictured below:

What's new to the Ewok Festival of Love in 2022?
Our Design and Development team put their hearts into a labor of love and we can't wait for you all to log in and jump on many of the goodies this year. You'll find a mixture of various Love and Hate themed items on your neighborhood Love Festival Vendor this year along with quite a few badges for you to chase once more! Let's delve into some of those new additions this year.
Updated Badges:
  • Ambassador of the Festival of Love - You reveled in the Love celebrated at the Eighth Annual Ewok Festival of Love.
  • Lover of Kyoopid - You revealed Kyoopid, a Sage of the Ewok Festival of Love, and paid tribute to the spirit of the Festival.
  • Mighty Matchmaker - You found love for all of your Ewok Festival of Love companions in 2022!
  • Hater of Hate - You found love for Mister Hate and saved the Ewok Festival of Love in 2022!
  • Fan of Hate - You let Mister Hate destroy the Ewok Festival of Love in 2022!

New Items:
  • New art piece (painting)
  • New deco
  • New Titles

Pictured Above: Front and Back of the painting "Rodian Romance"

We're thrilled to share another new piece by our friend Lucas Marangon that we've dubbed "Rodian Romance". We can't thank Lucas enough for allowing us to showcase his wonderful work that manages to capture not only the best of what Ewok Festival of Love means, but a happier side of the galaxy overall! You can acquire this painting at your local Ewok Festival of Love vendor for the cost of 8 Chak Hearts.

Pictured Above: New items available with Ewok Festival of Love 2022.

Ewok Festival of Love 2022 Community Contests:
Hearts a flutter! February's edition of the Galactic Homeshow is here and we're looking for homes that demonstrate creativity, overall concept, and most importantly, fit the theme of the Ewok Festival of Love! We're ready to see your beautifully decorated homes and how much heart you've put into them! You can find this month's submissions here.
Dr. Schill (aka Mr. Love) has once again summoned his most trusted Ewok Festival of Love fanatics, the Secret Admirers to be a witness to the friendships and close bonds shared among community members this year. Details will arrive soon for this forum based Community Contest!

Ewok Festival of Love 2022 Live Events:
The Duloks of Endor have been busy since the last Ewok Festival of Love ended. Through malice and spite, hate and jealousy, these mischievous cousins of the beloved Ewoks have been forging weapons and terrifying new armor, gritting their teeth for this moment to strike. With the aid of Mister Hate and his disgraced flock of flying Ewoks, the dulok threat has reached new levels and they're prepared to strike at any time and any place in the galaxy.
This Ewok Festival of Love, prepare to face some of the strongest and most battle hardened of Duloks as they join the forces of hate to bring menace and sorrow to our treasured Ewok tradition! These new armored versions of Dulok should NOT be underestimated!
Are your hearts racing? Ours too! We're Chasing Love again in one of our Ewok Festival of Love community favorites. This Speederbike race is not meant for the faint of heart. Stay tuned soon for event details so you don't miss out on this riveting race!
Imperial reconnaissance missions have been an every day occurrence on the forest moon of Endor. Countless Ewoks have been ran down by patrolling Scout Troopers and stomped on by enemy walkers. It's been a bleak time for the Ewoks, but as the losses mount, their spirits endure - Chief Chirpa has rallied his furry friends to be ready to help defend their traditions by any means necessary to show Imperial troops that they have no fear and only love in their hearts. All throughout Ewok Festival of Love, there will be alerts to the next big battle happening on the planet Endor.
Better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all? Maybe, but not for a certain poor soul this Ewok Festival of Love. A heartbroken young man has seemingly given up on his quest for love, thinking themselves worthy for no one. It's time to rally around for the sake of love and acceptance and help this individual turn things around. What better way to do that than a fun afternoon fishing?! There's plenty of fish in the sea after all right?! Stay tuned for coming announcements for this fishing event heading your way very soon!
The Galactic Civil War they say is a battle for the hearts and minds of an entire galaxy.. Well this Ewok Festival of Love, there's a continuing battle between Mr. Love and Mister Hate for the heart, mind, and soul of our favorite furry Festival of Love friend, Peaches! Are you prepared to become a champion of love in order to save the day and save Peaches?
We'll be sharing even more Ewok Festival of Love event details and Community Contest details as EFoL22 moves along, so make sure to keep your eyes peeled and ears open for future announcements!

Getting into the spirit:
To help get you into the spirit of the celebrations, check out the video below that is the famous scene from Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi.

We hope you enjoy the festivities this month! There's so much more to show in the coming weeks as we move closer to SWG:Legend's 6th Anniversary, so be sure to stay tuned here on the forums, discord, or any of our social media platforms in this link!
Allayloo Ta Nuv to you all!
The SWG:Legends Team