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Greetings Legends,
Here we are again, already at our fourth Friday of 2021! For our Friday Feature this week, we're exploring the Theater Manager's Quest. Many of you probably are already familiar with this quest, but to those who are new or otherwise have forgotten, it might be an interesting something for you to check out when you have some free time!
(Pictured Above) one of the NPC theater buildings in game, this one being in Doaba Guerfel.

Completing the Theater Manager's Quest yields a small amount of credits and modest xp gain, but the more sought rewards include the song (Western) and TWO dances (Theatrical 1 and Theatrical 2). Before we get too far in, let's go over a few basic that might be useful to know about this quest:
  • The quest IS REPEATABLE, so you are able to get both the dances and the song.
  • You may start this quest at any of the NPC cities in the game with a Theater building. Heading backstage from the stage area (or from the audience seating area), you will see "a theater manager" NPC.
  • This quest WILL NOT appear in your quest journal once you start, so you will need to be mindful of your own progress.
  • It may be worth either having your flourishes on a macro (or simply be quick to type /flo to perform the correct flourish commands).
  • It also may be worth having /changedance ( or /changemusic if playing an instrument ) set as a macro.

Getting Started:
Where do we start? Our first step (aside from any preparations you wish to make beforehand) should be locating one of the many NPC Theater buildings in the game (see the image posted further up) and locate a theater manager. New talent is needed and it's up to you to step in and be the star this galaxy needs!
(Pictured Above) a theater manager in Coronet (Corellia)

After having a brief chat with the theater manager, you'll be told to report to the stage to greet the judges and prepare for your audition to see if you have what it takes to be an entertainment superstar.
"This is it! No time for stage fright now, you have 30 seconds to get to the stage and wow the judges."

Now Introducing.. YOU!
Okay, you've got 30 seconds to head to the stage and hit your mark in front of the panel of judges. Once you reach the mark, simply wait for instruction by those who will determine your professional fate.
"No pressure...!"

Throughout the audition you might quickly (and correctly) assert this very much feels like a game of Simon Says. Your auditioning will determine how quick you are at responding to what the judges want to see. You will be instructed to perform specific flourishes and you will be instructed to change your dances (or your songs) and perform more flourishes.
It's important you react quickly and heed the judge's requests as well as understand that it's crucial you DO NOT STOP PERFORMING until the audition is complete.
(make sure when requested to change a song or a dance you're able to quickly use /changedance or /changemusic and quickly find the judge's requested act)
"A star is born!"

Don't Sell Yourself Short:
You may have won over the judges, but now you need to win over a real audience. Your next task will involve you putting yourself out there in the greater community to get a few eyes (or ears) on you and build up some hype! Your initial quota is to reach 10 players in game with your moves or your music. Unfortunately you will have to keep track of the progress yourself. System messages will indicate how many players left you need to watch or listen to you, so make sure you heed those messages.
You must entertain 10 players to acquire the next popularity rank

The Show Must Go On:
Once you've reached your 10 players, the show can begin your next visit to a theater. You will have an audience that has a specific taste for what they want to see and hopefully you can give the crowd the energy it requires! The rest of the quest is quite straightforward as you will need to repeat the steps of advertising 2 more times and also put on 2 more shows. Once you have completed the final show and meet the Reward Criteria, the theater manager NPC will give you your reward of song or dance.
To qualify for the reward from the Theatre Manager you must fulfill the following criteria (per the wiki article):
  • Be a Entertainer with a tier 4 box in the relevant experience
  • There is an experience point cost of 400,000 xp

The Curtain Call:
As we wrap up another edition of our Friday Feature, we must remind you that this was merely a quick rundown of the Theater Manager's Quest.
If you want a guide through the entirety of the quest, we strongly encourage you to visit the one on the SWG:Legends Wiki right here. This wiki article also covers various tips and FAQs regarding the quest.
We also encourage you to sign into the SWG:Legends Wiki using your account credentials if you see any notable edits you wish to make or have images you want to upload.
May the force be with you,
The SWG:Legends Team

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