SWG Legends news // Empire Day 2023 (Celebration Thread)

Greeting, Legends!
With Empire Day finally here, we hope you enjoy this factional fueled festival this season. Our Development, Design, and Quality Assurance teams have worked really hard on some of the really interesting new goodies in store for this 2023 iteration of Empire Day to make sure they not only look great, but hopefully function great! The list of awesome and fun goodies OUT of game this year will also impress as we have quite the journey in store for the month of June full of delightful giveaways happening here on the forums and throughout our social media platforms that you absolutely DO NOT want to miss! We're very excited to see you all enjoy the action in game as well as taking part in the many scheduled events hosted by our Event Team and those being put on by the community throughout Empire Day.
We look forward to continuing this journey with you as always and appreciate all the support and time you've all poured into helping make this galaxy a wonderful place!
[Please Read] At the bottom of this thread, we'll be including a collection of redirect links to Friday Features, our Social Media, our Wiki, and Patch Notes that are all relevant to the Empire Day celebrations that will help you better understand the depth of the festival and just what all you need to know for quest info, waypoints, rewards, etc.
May the Force be with you,
The SWG:Legends Team

In Honor of the Princess
Be sure to claim your painting via the radial menu on the statue found at your factional celebration area!

In-Game Events / Social Media Contests:

The Corellian Times is covering the Galactic Civil War and needs YOUR creative eye to capture images of the conflict! Choose from one of three themes, then submit your screenshot for a chance to win!

Join other loyal citizens of the Empire at the Lake Retreat on Naboo for an afternoon of fishing! Emperor Palpatine will oversee the festivities and offer prizes for the largest and smallest catches of the day. Fish them out! ALL of them!

As battles rage across the galaxy, heroes emerge to rally their forces to the cause. Be on the lookout for factional heroes popping up at GCW conflicts across the galaxy throughout Empire Day!

Important Links:

Social Media:

What is this? Top secret information leaked during the GCW of supplies from either side!

If you're for the Empire, or for the Republic, we hope you enjoy this year's festivities!
May the Force be with you, always
SWG:Legends Staff