SWG Legends news // *Friday Feature - Fit for a Queen*

Hello Legends! Welcome to another Friday Feature; but also welcome Naboo! Theed Palace, in particular. This opulent structure recently underwent a significant renovation by the Royal Decorator and their design contributor Kalley which resulted in a design that is truly fit for a queen! We invite you now on a grand tour and turn to former Senator Pooja Naberrie to guide your way! Enjoy the tour and be sure not to disrupt anything you see. You don't want an impromptu tour of the Royal Palace Dungeon, do you?

"Hello there visitor. I am Pooja Naberrie, former Senator of Naboo and your guide for today. Welcome to Theed Royal Palace! Constructed in 832 BBY, it has served as the residence of planetary monarchs and as the nerve center of the government through all these centuries. While the palace doors are always open to the citizens and the curious, we have never been prouder to welcome in guests so that they may see the wonderful new designs and decorations that speak to our planets pride and traditions. Please, walk with me as we head inside."

"The main entrance hall presents visitors with an expansive stained glass design that captures the stoic beauty of the traditional trappings of the Queen and her Handmaidens. The colors and lines are cast upward to raise the spirits as you step up into the palace proper."

"Conveniently located to both the left and the right are starship terminals that allow guests and staff to access their personal starships for configuration or departure. The terminals are patched directly into Theed Starport control. Those awaiting departure can relax in comfortable low-backed chairs."

"As we traverse further, we reach one of the aforementioned 'nerve centers of government'. Here, the Royal Naboo Security Force monitors not just the city but also the planet! Various feeds from all across Naboo are received and analyzed by a network of droids and personnel who are able to deploy and act at a moments notice to combat threats."

"And just across the hall opposite this is the Journalist's Briefing Room, where dignitaries of the palace speak to the press about current events, holidays and other such announcements."

"Welcome to the Grand Hall! Breathtaking, is it not? From the ground up to the high ceilings, it is designed to fill visitors with a sense of wonder and awe. The pleasing sounds of the fountain are amplified by the acoustics, while the seating arrangements along the balcony provide an expansive view while offering relative privacy at the same time."
"Take your time walking around and enjoying the view from every angle. Do you like the candelabras that line the walls? I find them pleasing. And yes, those are Gungan Head sculptures on the pedestals below; donated directly from Otoh Gunga beneath Lake Paonaga."

"The Queen herself will often use the receiving room to speak with important visitors, palace administrators or even to receive holonet transmissions that require her attention. It is said that the Queen can rule the entire planet from the very seat you see behind the desk. Just ask the Trade Federation how well the Queen can handle her royal responsibilities from this throne. It contains more than a few 'tricks', shall we say?"
"The golden chairs were made especially for the Queen's Handmaidens, but use of them and the room itself is open to anyone without prior appointment. Though please do be respectful of those who may be using it already when you arrive. Especially if it is the Queen herself!"

"It is not only the various chambers that have received renovation. Even when walking the corridors between you will see new sights. Here we have an alcove that has been decorated with a colorful fresco. Note the attention to detail and colors that are indicative of Naboo's beauty. And do not miss the two peko peko there in the sky. This is one of my favorite locations in the palace, if you cannot tell. We had better move on or I might find myself standing here too long for you."

"The Royal Security Forces - or RSF - maintains an impressive fleet that patrols the systems space lanes. Perhaps you might be interested in enlisting as a pilot, if you have an aptitude for flying. Here we have Commander Dulios, one of the most decorated members of the RSF. He personally requisitioned the equipment you see on the desks here, all of which are used to school new recruits and to refine the seasoned pilots skills so that they stay at the forefront of their field."
"If you would like to take a brief break on our tour, perhaps you may welcome a trivia challenge in exchange for a badge that you can be proud of! The Royal Librarian is right there, ready to challenge your knowledge!"

"And here we have the Senator's Office. The Royal Decorator and their contributors arranged this for Galactic Senators to entertain their guests, hear their proposals, and to discuss ideas that could help shape the galaxy. The serving droid is always on duty, ready to serve. Much like our Senators! Not that they are droids. Oh, dear. Let's move on, shall we?"

"Oh, do not hesitate. Yes, that is the Queen's bed chambers but she has given us permission to tour the room. It is quite spectacular, is it not? Just look at that four poster! Go ahead, have a look around. The Queen will not mind. There she is by her writing desk now. Try not to stare!"

"The Queen begins her day at this desk by reviewing her itinerary, gathering her thoughts, and preparing herself for the responsibilities that come with her position."

"The table lights are reminiscent of Gungan design. This echoes the treaty that the Gungans and the Naboo people forged after defeated the Trade Federation during the Battle of Naboo. The two sides have lived in perfect harmony ever since, with a Gungan even serving on the Senate."

"The palace is filled with artwork from many sources and periods. You may enjoy this original design that harkens back to a bygone age. It stands proudly in the upper corridors of the palace, just as you head outside for a breathtaking view of the Naboo landscape beneath the falls."

"You are free to continue to tour the palace for as long as you like. There is far more than I can show you in just one tour. Alas, I am needed back at my post to receive another round of guests. Be sure to see the massive painting on your way out. Thank you for allowing me to show you the wonders of Theed Palace! Enjoy your day!"

Thank you Pooja for the grand tour of this architectural marvel. We hope you enjoyed the tour and encourage you to visit again. There is more than we can show and nothing can top being there in person! Go have a look for yourself!

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