SWG Legends news // February 2019 Hotfix

With this next restart February Hotfix '19 will be pushed to Omega.
Mister Hate Event
  • Mister Hate now spawns 2 waves of 10 ewoks at a time before incrementing the phase instead of 1 wave of 20 ewoks.
  • All players participating in the raid and not locked out have a 25% chance of receiving 4 loot drop items, and if they fail that roll, have an 8% chance at looting a rare drop.
  • If a player completes the Mister Hate Defense collection, they will receive the Love Day Snowglobe (it has been removed from the loot pool). NOTE: If you received the Mister Hate Defense badge before this hotfix, you will not receive a Love Day Snowglobe. Please file a ticket on our forums to receive one.
  • Mister Hate should now properly keep aggro on the Guardian Angel during the final phase.
  • Mister Hate should now be protected by 6 guards during the final phase.