SWG Legends news // *The Ewok Festival Of Love 2020*

Love is spreading across the galaxy..
Log in-game today, Friday February 14th through until Friday, March 6th to celebrate The Ewok Festival Of Love!
The Ewoks live in harmony on the forest moon of Endor, surrounded by nature and the precious foragable food they scavenge the planet for. The Camby berry is given freely amongst the galaxy's inhabitants during the Festival of Love as they symbolize love and acceptance between Ewok Tribes. The Ewoks wish for everyone within the galaxy to participate in their ancient tradition of love this February.
As the Ewoks celebrate the Festival of Love, tribe members prepare meals, dance and sing traditional songs; such as this ancestral chant often heard drifting through the treetops of the forest moon: "Dugun duca lula ludia nuna, dounga, luna nudia!"
Love is infectious and is spreading around the galaxy at record-breaking speeds! Make sure to visit Tyrena Corellia, Kaadara Naboo and the Southern Ewok Lake Village on Endor to participate in the activities this year! When visiting one of the event locations make sure to locate Chief Chirpa and say "Allayloo Ta Nuv" in spatial chat to him. The Ewok Festival of Love is all about love and we are sharing so much of that especially this year. Check the reward vendor for Exclusive rewards which can be purchased with Love Chaks along with obtainable rewards from our returning Mister Hate Raid!
New Ewok Festival of Love 2020 Snow Globe

New rewards aren't all that you can expect this year. It seems like not everyone is in the spirit of The Festival Of Love again this year. Mister Hate again needs a reminder about the meaning of Ewok Festival Of Love! Head to Kaadara, Naboo to experience the Mister Hate encounter.

(Above) Mister Hate prepares to spread Hate across the streets of Kaadara)

"No one has ever shown me that they care. Not my entire life."
"No one? Not ever?"
"No one. Ever. Not even my brother, so-called Mr. Love. What a phony he is, if you ask me. But you...thank you.."
―Mister Hate, after a spacer shows him love


We have a fun Festival in store for you all this year, packed full of EFOL adventures we can't wait to go with you on! Listed below are just some of the events we have planned with plenty more to follow! Stay tuned to this thread and as well as discord for more info.
It's back for the 3rd year running! You love this Endorian speeder race, so do we! Learn more here soon!
Community Contests:

Awesome giveaways and always fun community contests are also waiting for you this EFOL 2020! We invite you to join us on another exciting festival season we hope you never forget! Below are some of the contests we hope to see many of you take part in.
There's not much to say about this one! Read more & enter for your chance to WIN a real-life Rebel Endor Helmet or Imperial Scout Trooper Helmet. Enter by clicking here soon!
We want to hear from each of you! In a galaxy as big of ours there has to be someone special within it that makes your experience of SWG:Legends that little bit more special? Learn more by clicking here soon!
Does anyone struggle with love and sometimes feel like It's one big puzzling puzzle? Find out more here soon!

(Above) Ewok Festival of Love celebrations on Naboo

To help get you into the spirit of the celebrations, check out the video below that is the famous scene from Star Wars: Return of the Jedi.

We hope you enjoy the festivities this month. We have so much more to show in the coming weeks as we move closer to SWG:Legend's 4th Anniversary!
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Allayloo Ta Nuv to you all!
SWG:Legends Staff