SWG Legends news // Life Day 2022: Some Assembly Required

Life Day is in jeopardy and Saun Dann needs your help! His toy manufacturing has to come to a grinding halt due to supply chain disruptions. Now in a race against time, the toy maker is drawing up new designs so children don’t wake to a Tree of Life bereft of presents. Your help is needed to find the right parts to complete the job!
All throughout Life Day, you will have opportunities to locate the unique parts for Saun Dann's toy blueprints. Watch for in-game announcements which will tell you how to locate what the jovial trader needs.
  • Wait for an in-game announcement for the "Some Assembly Required" event
  • Follow the instructions given for a chance to acquire toy parts
  • Hold on to the parts until the end of Life Day (event time/place to be announced) to donate your parts to Saun Dann
  • The more unique parts you gather, the more prizes you earn!
  • Oh, just some random clue: Batteries are Not Included

  • Tier 1: ONE Unique Part - 2 Tokens of Gratification
  • Tier 2: TWO Unique Parts - All Tier 1 prizes, plus Han's Hydrospanner which grants a random collection item
  • Tier 3: THREE Unique Parts - All Tier 1 and 2 prizes, plus your choice of an item from Kiepass (Event Reward Vendor)
  • Tier 4: FOUR Unique Parts - All Tier 1, 2 and 3 prizes, plus a collection item of your choice (must be selected within two weeks after Life Day ends or the prize is forfeit) (Prize will be No Trade Shared)

When searching, you'll find that toy parts are RARE. Do not lose the holiday spirit; Saun Dann will be most gracious and may still reward you for your efforts!