SWG Legends news // *Friday Feature - Pets Warren-ting Getting!*

Greeting Legends and happy Friday (or whatever day of the week it is you're reading this!)
We love animals of all kinds in the Omega Galaxy, from the ferocious rancor to the simple durni. We know some of you love your pets too, but have you had the feeling your collection is missing some tooth to it, and it's driving you a little batty? You're in luck! Today we're talking about two special pets whom you can only acquire their DNA through looting: The Cracktoothed Narglatch and the Wing-clipped Hawk Bat.

What They Are

These two pets are secret experiments being conducted by the Empire, along with a number of other horrible things deep within "The Warren" (The title is not a misspelling after all!). The Narglatch is a ferocious feline, matching stature of the Sand Panther and Tusk-cat, however it has a much more unusual appearance than it's counterparts. The feline pets offer a good array of offensive skills, offering both flat and damage over time, as well as a de-buff that increases the chances it's target will be critically hit!

Our Feline Friend

The Hawkbat is part of a very small Bat family of pets, sharing that family with only two others, however it's model is very unique to the others, as it lives up to it's wing-clipped name, and travels by foot, a loyal beast at your heels. The bat family of pets are a fan favorite, offering a multitude of abilities. They have damage, a self heal, as well as an armor bypass, and a damage reduction de-buff (that hits everything in a cone in front of it!).

And our Flappy Friend!
Where They Are

This question is very easy to answer, however actually getting to them is not such an easy task. The Warren is a top secret Imperial base who only a very limited few have access too (however it's also a POI on Dantooine at -555 -3825, so it's not that good of a secret! However, no matter how easy you can find it, accessing is a whole different story! You'll need to take some steps, which can be found here on the SWG:Legends wiki! The area is crawling with escaped beasts and trigger happy soldiers, so be ready to fight. Make sure to complete out the whole questline, as you can feed the badge collecting addiction by doing so!
Once you are able to enter the facility, you must make your way inside the depths of the facility. You'll likely first stumble upon the Narglatch, in a cage just past the first elevator near the large bunk room. Once you put down this foul beast, you will have a chance at looting the DNA from them, just as you would any other loot, no extraction needed!

First Friend Found!

Afterwards, head through the cage room and all the way down the next hall until you reach an elevator to take downward. On the lowest level, take care of all the possible fights along the way, and head to the highlighted room marked on the image below to find the flightless flappy fellow. End the Imperial experiment, and amidst it's loot you have a chance of getting a DNA vial for a Hawkbat of your very own!

Bunker navigated successfully!

Extra Notes

These two mighty beasts respawn much slower than their local counterparts, so if you do not loot the DNA right away, be aware you are set to spend some time in the facility, or come back at another time!
Furthermore, the DNA is tradable, if you feel the weight of the credits in your pocket calling for a new bat friend!

May the Force be with you, always,
SWG:Legends Staff
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