SWG Legends news // Legends Galactic Homeshow Submissions: July 2022

Greetings Legends!
Empire Day (or Remembrance Day, if it pleases you) is in full swing! In the spirit of the event, this months Galactic Homeshow has a special theme added in! If you guessed "Empire Day" as the theme, then you are correct!
It's time to summon your factional pride and turn your structures into a monument to all that is glorious and wonderful about the faction you stand loyal with. Or perhaps you'd rather focus on the ongoing struggle by featuring both sides of the Galactic Civil War. Either approach is totally acceptable so long as the overall concept speaks to the event.
As always, houses will be judged on creativity, uniqueness, individuality and overall concept! Good luck to everyone who participates!
Here are a few guidelines to keep in mind before entering.
  • The theme for this month is Empire Day!
  • Storyteller props inside of a structure will count as decoration, and can help you win! (optional)
  • Storyteller props outside of the structure judged will not be counted in the decision.
  • You are only able to enter one structure per month.
  • You can enter a house multiple times, and claim multiple homeshow items as a reward for winning.
  • Decorated spaceships are not eligible to win.
  • Please make sure your structure is public and the waypoint is correct.
  • If you are re-entering a structure you have previously won with, you are not eligible for another planetary map waypoint for that structure.

- - -

If you want to compete for the amazing prize, simply reply to this thread with the waypoint to your home and the planet it’s located on.
After the submissions deadline has passed, the panel of judges will begin the Homeshow tour. We heard your request to make the day of judgement immediately follow the last day of submission, and we will continue to try our best to make this happen!
All winning homes will receive a special Homeshow Trophy to display in their home. Winning structures will be displayed on the planetary map - which is displayed by pressing “V” in-game. Along with your trophy and eventual planetary mark on the map,
Homeshow winners also receive an in-game badge, and a special icon displayed above your name right here on the forums!

(The Galactic Homeshow Badge)
(a Homeshow winner's forum icon)
(A Homeshow Trophy awarded to our winning entry)

But wait, there's MORE! We have added “A Welcoming House Sign” as a monthly prize for our winner, and there is only one way to get it: Winning the Galactic Homeshow competition.

(A Galactic Homeshow Winner's Welcome Sign)

View the chart below to see how long you have before the submission window closes:
[Note] You may use this helpful time converter to find the correct time for your time zone: https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html