SWG Legends news // *Empire/Remembrance Day 2020*

"Today is Empire Day, celebrating the fifteenth anniversary of the galaxy's salvation, when our great Emperor Palpatine ended the Clone Wars and founded our glorious Empire."
―Imperial Holonet anchorman Alton Kastle
Attention Legends,
Galactic Civil War wages constantly. The victories, defeats, and ongoing conflict continue on this year, but we have this special time upon us again where we can really stop and celebrate the cause. Imperials! Once more the triumph and glory of the Empire is on full display for the entire galaxy to be a witness to. We celebrate Empire Day! Emperor Palpatine has ordered imperial loyalists to attend the celebrations happening in front of Theed Palace (Naboo). Lord Vader will be expecting a heavy turnout so you better not disappoint.
The day the Clone Wars ended, the Empire began. Imperial rule little by little gave way to what would eventually lead to revolution. While the Empire carries on with their festivities, the Rebel Alliance have their own celebrations. Members of the Rebel Alliance; you're all invited to Coronet (Corellia) for a Remembrance Day none shall forget. Princess Leia herself will be periodically joining celebrants to rekindle the fires of rebellion and she hopes her words will inspire you to be the difference.
Empire/Remembrance day has finally returned! Today, we're going to go over what's returning for you this year, what's new, and just what all we have in store for our Rebels and Imperials across the galaxy. So let's delve in!
Rebel high command has decided it's time to show the enemy they're not going anywhere this festival. An EF76 Nebulon-B looms over the city of Bestine on Tatooine.

New To The Festival?
If you're completely new or have forgotten the Empire/Remembrance day festivities, we highly recommend you stop now before reading further sections of this article and refer to our Friday Feature on Empire/Remembrance day here as well as to our SWG:Legends Wiki article on Empire day here. You can learn the basics of the festival and how to get involved with daily anti-propaganda/recruitment missions that you can run all throughout the festival to get Empire or Remembrance Day tokens from and much more.
What's Returning?
Welcome back, Empire Day! Celebrations for Empire Day have returned to the streets of Theed and Remembrance Day is once again running rampant throughout the city of Coronet. As mentioned earlier, Princess Leia and Darth Vader are back to pick a random citizen in the crowd that demonstrates what it really means to be a true service to the cause.
Also back are the many kiosks scattered throughout Theed and Coronet. Hang recruitment posters on empty Kiosks, tear down the opposing faction's recruitment posters and halt the spread of enemy propaganda (If you're brave enough to approach these kiosks as Special Forces, your token rewards will be doubled, but DO SO AT YOUR OWN RISK!).
Empire and Remembrance Day vendors are also back with not only previous years rewards, but many new ones. Don't forget to claim your goodies from the Emperor statue (Imperials Only) or the Master Yoda fountain (Rebels only) that are next to these vendors.

What's New This Year?
Badges and titles have been updated for this year as well as some of the questing and rewards. We have a very special festival in store this year full of many new goodies to help you demonstrate your military pride. Our design and development team have again delivered and you will find the following items within the game with Empire Day being live:
  • New titles
  • New badges
  • New decor
  • New house signs
  • New structures (2)
  • New wearables

Show your allegiance with these new GCW inspired banners. Take it to the next level with a full-size statue of Lord Vader and Admiral Ackbar.

This Empire Day 2020 we are unveiling TWO very unique structures that we can't wait to see immersed within our galaxy. Save up those tokens, because you will need a few to purchase our brand new Imperial and Rebel style Guild Halls (5 lots required). The design is quite unique and each structure comes with the following features:
  • Imperial Guild Hall comes with a terminal that will allow you to display one VEHICLE in your home.
  • Rebel Guild Hall comes with a terminal that will allow you to display one STARSHIP in your home.

A small tease of the brand new Imperial and Rebel guild halls.

Live Events:
We're coming in strong with a full plate of GCW inspired Live Events for the community to participate in. Join all throughout the duration of Empire/Remembrance Day celebrations as we meet up with some of our favorite characters in the Star Wars universe (along with some new ones!) and tackle both sides of the conflict in a wide variety of reoccurring scenarios everyone will be able to take part in. Stay tuned to this thread and try to keep up with discord announcements and in-game messages alerting you when something is about to go down! Let's take a peak at some of what we have in store for celebrants this year:
The renowned Bothan Spynet have a critical leak in their midst. Rebels and Imperials alike are chomping at the bit to get what this leak has to share with those who manage to locate them, so will it be you that finds this rogue spy? Follow the link here for more details on this situation.
How badly has your spirit ever been broken? A missing and assumed dead Rebel Pilot has miraculously resurfaced after weeks of surviving on their own, completely alone. The question is will we find the same person that crash landed or something else? Click here to learn more.
Can you act? You certainly have potential. There might be a part for you to play in an upcoming re-enactment of a famous battle during the Clone Wars. Don't worry! The props should be safe, but can you furnish your own Clone Trooper armor? Click here for more details on one of the biggest re-imaginings of the Empire Day season!
Attention! We've secured an extremely brief cease-fire period this Empire Day. A small band of Imperials and Rebels have agreed to stop the fighting and come together for an evening of good will. Some pretty notable figures from both factions have decided to step up and help assure that tensions don't boil over during the event. Rebel? Imperial? Neither? You're invited. Details about this Social Event will be shared soon.
Many years ago, Emperor Palpatine gave a speech that none would ever forget and its anniversary lives in the form of what we know as Empire Day. Archived footage from this galaxy altering event have been permitted by the Emperor himself to be shared with all of you. Learn more in the following link here.
Many of the events listed here will re-occur more than once over the course of Empire/Remembrance Day, as well as the many encounters you can expect to join in on that are not listed. There will be lots happening over the course of the next month and you're all invited! We can't wait to share these experiences with you.
As already mentioned earlier, we ask that you try and stay tuned to this thread as well as any discord announcements or in-game messages for pending events!
Our Thanks To You:
We want to thank you all for your constant support, patience, and understanding that you've shown the project throughout these past few months. It really has been quite a different year for many of us, but the one commonality is always our passion for SWG and desire to see it continue and thrive here on Legends with the help of a such a great Star Wars community. We're very excited to reach this halfway point of 2020 together and continue now into Empire/Remembrance Day. We truly hope you enjoy it!
May the force be with you,
The SWG:Legends Team