SWG Legends news // *Friday Feature - Terrors and Trinkets*

Greetings Legends,
For this week's Frightening Friday Feature, we're looking at a very under the radar quest that lies within the Quarantine Zone on Dathomir. This quest requires you to be pretty swift of foot in locating some missing belongings of the QZ's still living inhabitants all while potentially being chased by many of the not so living ones. Fear not though, because for this particular quest your bravery will be rewarded with a badge to forever commemorate your achievement in the midst of extreme dangers. Let's dive in shall we?

"Night has fallen, and you are hiding in a ditch. You got lost in the Quarantine Zone on Dathomir. You don’t know where your friends are. Around you the undead roam. Their hungry groans are getting closer. You notice something in the dirt just next to you. Slowly you reach out and it is… a helmet… a TIE pilot helmet? That Imperial pilot at the camp... Jeb? Not sure. He did not have a helmet. Maybe this helmet is his?
You take the helmet and put it in your pack."

TIE Bomber Helmet (pictured above)

Lost & Found:
While exploring the Quarantine Zone, you can sometimes find special collection items. They do not always appear or are they always in the same spot, but these lost items actually belong to someone in the Zone. There are five of them:
  • the Tie Bomber Helmet
  • a big bird mount called Betsy
  • a Scout Camera
  • a Stun Baton
  • some Cheap Perfume

Luckily, these items can be found using the /target command. A macro for this is that may prove useful to you:
/tar tie;
/pause 2;
/tar betsy;
/pause 2;
/tar smashed;
/pause 2;
/tar beaten;
/pause 2;
/tar cheap;
/pause 2;
/macro hdc;
The macro is named “hdc” just as an example (you can name it however you like)

It's recommended you start at Camp Alpha to get the antidote. Then go to the spawn spots by number, in roughly a clockwise pattern. Turn on ‘show all object names’ under Options/Misc. The waypoints below show where the items have been seen before. Spawns are random and temporary. You will very probably have to look multiple times. Be patient.
/way dathomir -6170 -7155 HDT #1;
/way dathomir -6283 -7512 HDT #2;
/way dathomir -6582 -7138 HDT #3;
/way dathomir -6873 -7212 HDT #4;
/way dathomir -6920 -7388 HDT #5;
/way dathomir -6999 -7414 HDT #6;
/way dathomir -7278 -7371 HDT #7;
/way dathomir -7414 -7311 HDT #8;
/way dathomir -7445 -7088 HDT #9;
/way dathomir -6986 -6946 HDT #10;
/way dathomir -6865 -6759 HDT #11;
/way dathomir -7129 -6720 HDT #12;
/way dathomir -7321 -6679 HDT #13;
/way dathomir -7108 -6552 HDT #14;
/way dathomir -6937 -6553 HDT #15;
/way dathomir -6837 -6434 HDT #16;
/way dathomir -6647 -6488 HDT #17;
/way dathomir -6432 -6593 HDT #18;
Also recommended for safety is to turn on the overhead map (M key). The red triangles are the undead. You can see which way they are facing. Stay out of their line of sight.

This Is Where The Fun Begins:
The challenge is to find the five items and return them to the people who lost them:
  • The Tie Bomber Helmet belongs to Jeb Maris at Camp Alpha
  • Betsy’s owner is Volo at Camp Beta
  • The Scout Camera belongs to Tripp at Camp Gamma
  • The Stun Baton belongs to trooper TR-522 at Camp Delta
  • The Cheap Perfume belongs to the Radio Tech at Camp Epsilon

To make things worse, there is a timer. When you pick up an item, you have only ten minutes to find its owner. Better drink some accarragm for extra speed. If you know you're going to be pursuing this quest beforehand, it may also be worth grabbing Go With The Flow in your next Entertainer buff. Be quick, but don't hurry.

An individual who appears to be missing a certain helmet.. (pictured above)

Wrapping Up With The Rewards:

As previously mentioned, your swift feet in this endeavor can yield the ever so swift of rewards. Successfully reuniting the lost items with their owners in a timely manner will grand you a small quest reward of xp and credits, but the real prize is a shiny badge to show off in your collection sheet. Just what a completionist would want!

This concludes today's Friday Feature. We want to give a special thanks to our contributor @Rees for today's article as well as Nok-Su for helping keep Rees safe so he can provide us this work! Thank you both.
May the force be with you,
The SWG:Legends Team